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RI Accused of Deforestation Due to Oil Palm, Luhut: That is Not True

By 23 August 2019October 11th, 2021Industry News1 min read

Foto: Feby Dwi Sutianto


Jakarta – The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan responded to the deforestation issue often alleged against Indonesia due to a massive oil palm cultivation. Luhut revealed the allegation is not true.

“It seems that we, the government, keep being pressured due to deforestation. That is not true,” Luhut stated in the Office of BPK, Jakarta, Friday (23/8/2019).

Luhut reasoned that Indonesia is in fact the largest carbon credit producer in the world. That means, the Indonesian region can absorb carbon dioxide, and even has the largest absorption in the world, Luhut added.

“We are in fact the largest carbon credit producer in the world, I repeat, the largest in the world,” Luhut stated.

Luhut said that the Western countries often accuse Indonesia for deforestation, in reality, still need Indonesia. But no one realizes that.

“So the West still needs us very much. It’s just that we didn’t realize it all this time,” Luhut confirmed.


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