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The Existence of Korindo in Indonesia

This year marks the 52nd anniversary of the Korindo Group. Few multi-sector firms have been able to weather several crises for so long. However, we have been successful in establishing our presence in both national and worldwide marketplaces.

Korindo arrived in Indonesia in 1969. We concentrated our efforts at the moment on hardwood development. We Korindo Papua moved to plywood/veneer a decade later.

Our company is expanding over time. Korindo Korea first went into newsprint manufacturing in 1984, followed by wood plantations in 1993. Finally, we approached the oil palm plantation sector in 1995.

Korindo Group has so far reached at least 6 core businesses, namely:

  1. Plantation
    • Wood
    • Palm oil
    • Rubber
  2. Paper and forestry products
    • Paper production
    • forest products
  3. Construction and heavy industry
    • Wind tower
    • Steel structures and factories
    • Special purpose vehicles
    • construction
  4. Logistics
    • Cruise
    • Logistics service
    • International business
  5. Financial
    • Financial services
    • Insurance
  6. real estate
    • real estate
    • Rest area & gas station


PT Korindo Group has garnered several accolades over its 52-year tenure in Indonesia. Both for our commercial activities and for the philanthropic contributions we have made to society, the environment, and the country’s economic progress.

Korindo is a firm that is always working to promote conservation, human rights, and economic growth. This level of commitment is shared by all business units. Companies involved in forestry, renewable energy, and palm oil are among them.

Social Contribution and Korindo

Korindo has always aspired to be a proud Indonesian firm that contributes to people’s well-being. Our company strives to adopt a balanced combination of commercial and social components of business. We are branding our philanthropic efforts as Corporate Social Contribution (CSC).

We have made a promise that our CSC initiatives would be an ongoing social responsibility implementation. Not just irregularly at times, but also to contribute to the creation of long-term growth.

This pledge mostly varies from the corporate philosophy that we have constantly followed up to this point. Specifically, in order to achieve growth and success, a peaceful, beneficial, and long-term connection between both the community and stakeholders must be established.



One of the cornerstones to success in sustainable growth is the quality of Human Resource (HR) development. Based on this knowledge, we give educational help in the form of:

  1. Provision of educational amenities, including school bus services.
  2. Scholarships for the offspring of excellent employees,
  3. Maluku’s impoverished folks are receiving scholarships.
  4. Scholarships for students impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak, 
  5. Yonsei University student exchange education support, South Korea


Through numerous Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) activities, we always emphasize the relevance of health concerns. One of them is the installation of free health clinics in numerous operational regions for local indigenous people.

Furthermore, various projects have been implemented, including: 

  1. health education in the neighborhood surrounding the firm,
  2. Young moms who are pregnant or nursing should get health education.
  3. In a variety of ways, toddlers can be given more healthy meals. 
  4. Posyandu, Posyandu on the Go, Posyandu on the Go,


The Korindo Group actively promotes the notion of economic independence in order to enhance people’s welfare through a variety of projects, including the donation of tools and supplies for fish and poultry farming, as well as vegetable growing.

Capital aid for MSMEs, assistance in running a small-scale business, and the cultivation of rubber plantations in Maluku for private community ownership.


Infrastructure is a significant priority in the Korindo Group’s Corporate Social Contribution (CSC), with an emphasis on public use. This emphasis is due to the fact that there are still many difficult-to-reach locations in Indonesia. Korindo actively participates in a variety of activities, including road and bridge repair, the establishment of public amenities, and adequate housing.


Our care for the environment has been demonstrated via a number of concrete acts, including: regular reforestation operations on Indonesian Tree Planting Day (28 November),

  1. Rehabilitating non-productive land to make it productive
  2. Urban forest development (Pakansari City Forest and Pondok Rajeg City Forest), wildlife education.