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Korindo: Existence in Indonesia and the World

Korindo Group in Papua is entering its 52nd year this year. Not many multi-sector companies have been able to survive that long through several crises. However, we have succeeded in proving our existence in the national and global markets.

Korindo’s journey in Indonesia began in 1969. At that time, we placed our main focus on hardwood development. A decade later, we Korindo Papua switched to plywood/veneer.

Over time, our business continues to grow. In 1984, Korindo Korea ventured into newsprint production and timber plantations in 1993. Finally, in 1995, we reached out to the oil palm plantation industry.

To date, Korindo Group has touched at least six business segments, namely:

Korindo Plantation

  • Wood
  • Palm oil
  • Rubber

Paper and forestry products

  • Paper production
  • Forestry products

Korindo Construction and heavy industry

  • Wind tower
  • Steel structures and factories
  • Special purpose vehicles
  • construction


  • Cruise
  • Logistics services
  • International business


  • Financial services
  • Insurance

Real estate

  • Real estate
  • Rest areas & gas stations

During 52 years of dedication in Indonesia, PT Korindo Group has received various positive recognitions. Both for our business activities and the social contributions that have been given to society, the environment and the country’s economic development.

Korindo is a company that continuously strives to dedicate itself to conservation, human rights and economic development. This high dedication is applied in all business units. These include companies engaged in timber, renewable energy and palm oil.


Korindo and Social Contribution

Korindo always aspires to become a proud Indonesian company that plays a role in improving people’s welfare. Our business seeks to implement a balanced mix of commercial aspects of business as well as social responsibility. We branded our social contribution with Corporate Social Contribution (CSC).

We have a commitment, our CSC programs will be a continuous implementation of social responsibility. Not only sporadically at certain moments, but also contribute to creating sustainable development.

This commitment mainly departs from the company philosophy that we have consistently implemented so far. Namely, building a harmonious, profitable and sustainable relationship between the community and stakeholders in order to achieve progress and prosperity.


The quality of Human Resources (HR) development is one of the keys to success in sustainable development. From this understanding, we provide assistance in the field of education in the form of:

  • Provision of learning facilities, including school buses.
  • Distribution of scholarships for children of outstanding employees,
  • Providing scholarships to poor people in Maluku
  • Scholarships for students affected by the Covid-19 pandemic,
  • Yonsei University student exchange education assistance, South Korea,



We constantly underline the importance of health issues through various Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) programs. One of them is the construction of health clinics in several operational areas that can be used by local indigenous people for free. In addition, several programs that have also been carried out are:

  • Health education to the community around the company,
  • Health education for young, pregnant and lactating mothers,
  • Providing additional nutritious food to toddlers in a number of Posyandu,
  • Mobile Posyandu,



Korindo Group continues to promote the principle of economic independence to improve people’s welfare through various programs:

  • Donation of tools and materials for fish and poultry farming and vegetable cultivation,
  • Capital assistance for MSMEs,
  • Assistance to run a household scale business,
  • Development of rubber plantations for private community ownership in Maluku.



Infrastructure is one of the important priorities in Korindo Group’s Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) with a focus on utilization by the general public. This focus is given the fact that there are still many hard-to-reach areas in Indonesia. The Company actively carries out various activities, including:

  • Repair roads and bridges,
  • Establish public facilities, including decent housing.



Our concern for the environment has been proven through various concrete actions, such as:

  • Regular reforestation activities every Indonesian Tree Planting Day (28 November),
  • Rehabilitation of non-productive land into productive ones,
  • Urban forest development (Pakansari City Forest and Pondok Rajeg City Forest),
  • Education about wildlife.


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