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Watch Out Black Campaign for Indonesian Palm Oil Industry

By 13 June 2017January 28th, 2019No Comments

Dudy Novriansyah

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 – 20:50 WIB


JAKARTA – Ministry of Agriculture as issuer of certification for Indonesian oil palm plantation selective and through mechanism applicable in the palm oil plantation industry in Indonesia. Selection is done through the process of assessment of palm oil plantation businessmen in seizing the world palm oil market.

“Palm oil is 10th largest foreign exchange earner for the country and also one of Indonesia’s strategic industries as well as a great employer for the people of Indonesia. Therefore, the coverage of NGOs that always voiced a black campaign against the palm oil industry need not be overemphasized. If we do in correct corridor, we go on,” said Vice Chairman of Commission IV House of Representative, Daniel Johan on the sidelines hearings with of Ministry of Agriculture in Jakarta, recently.

Daniel continued, in palm oil industry also applies world standards such as the Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) which states Indonesia’s palm oil (CPO) emissions of less than 20 percent of fossil fuel emissions.

Currently, government, said Daniel also wants to increase the productivity of oil palm plantations and encourage development of downstream industries, and improve the standard of Indonesian Suistainable Palm Oil (ISPO).

Separately, member of Commission IV House of Representatives, Hamdhani expressed his disappointment and concern over the description of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) from abroad that tend to have a black campaign in the palm oil industry, such as deforestation and human rights issues.

“This can discredit Indonesia when we are building the world’s economic level, and it is already within the realm of the country’s credibility, and if these issues are not proven we must act legally,” Hamdani said.

The widespread impact of this black campaign, says Hamdani is a moratorium.

“The spirit of this regulation does not give new permits for the release of forests and peatlands into oil palm plantations,” he said.