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Seoul National University (SNU) Students Attend “Class” at Korindo Group HQ

By 18 January 2024February 5th, 2024Group News2 min read

Photo: General Manager for Korindo Group’s Plantation Division Kim Nam Hong held a “lecture” for Seoul National University (SNU) students on Thursday (1/18) at Korindo Group HQ in Jakarta.

JAKARTA – Dozens of Seoul National University (SNU) students came over to Korindo Group headquarters in Jakarta Thursday (1/18). They were joined by lecturers, teaching assistants, and head lecturers, bringing the total number of attendees to 34.

The group of people was invited by the company to discuss Indonesian forestry and ways corporations use to manage forests sustainably.

They also toured Korindo’s organic waste processing plant in Cibubur Rest Area that uses black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens)-based bioconversion technology.

Located right beside Jagorawi Toll Road’s Kilometer 10, Cibubur Rest Area is Indonesia’s first rest stop with a waste treatment center. This facility is built to tackle daily waste issues by temporarily storing and preparing biodegradable scraps for recycling. Both establishments are managed by PT Bimaruna Marga Jaya, a Korindo Group subsidiary.

Learners were invited to a discussion revolving around Indonesia’s forestry sector and Korindo’s insect-based bioconversion plant

The whole visit was part of SNU in the World program, which according to SNU’s Office of International Affairs site is “designed to deliver instructions that go beyond the traditional classroom in academic, cultural, and social aspects”. With this program, the university aims to “cultivate global leaders with a wider perspective of the world”.

“[This is] to enhance the global competitiveness [of SNU students] and provide [them] with an opportunity for academic, cultural, and social experiences,” the site stated.

Learners are welcome to participate and visit places like the U.S., China, Japan, Russia, and Australia, along with countries in Europe and Southeast Asia. (PR)