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Merchants at Market on a Land Granted by Korindo Start Selling

By 27 September 2021August 7th, 2023Group News3 min read

Atmosphere in Bulin River Market, Central Kalimantan, on Friday (24/9), where merchants started to swarm in

WEST KOTAWARINGIN, September 27, 2021 – Bulin River Market, a traditional market that stands on a land granted by PT Korindo Ariabima Sari (KABS), a business unit of Korindo Group, is already filled with merchants. Around 75 neat and clean stalls were provided by the local government.

Previously, merchants were selling their goods in KABS company area. However, starting this month, they relocated to a more decent and comfortable location, namely the Bulin River Market. The market is located at RT 11B Mendawai Urban Village.

Bulin River Market was built on a 1.02 hectare (ha) land owned by the company KABS. In March 2019, the land was voluntarily given to the West Kotawaringin Regency Government. After going through the administration process, the local government immediately began the development of the people’s market, which was completed this year.

The General Manager of KABS Rahmat Effendy said that after the market building was finished, the merchants began to move their belongings. This process took one week, between Monday (20/9) to Friday (24/9). “The relocation stage was finished on Friday,” he said.

According to Rahmat, the Bulin River Market is planned to be unveiled by the Regent of West Kotawaringin Nurhidayah on the first week of October 2021. The event will be a part of celebration of West Kotawaringin anniversary on the 3rd of October.

Rahmat explained that the granted land was proof of the company’s contribution in improving the community’s economic state, especially for the people of Mendawai Village. Those who work as merchants can now utilize the area to sell goods.

“With the granted land, the government can build and manage a market that we hope will improve the economy of local residents,” said Rahmat.

A vegetable seller who had moved to the Bulin River Market, Willy, has big expectations for the people’s market. Although it is still a quiet market, he believed the condition would be better in the future. “People will definitely come. It is quiet because it is still new, so it is reasonable,” he said.

The West Kotawaringin Regency plans to turn Bulin River Market into the people’s market with an environmentally friendly approach. Later, the government will also build an Open Green Space (RTH) in the area. All stages of development use the funds from the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) of West Kotawaringin 2020.

In addition, the government will build a dock at the location of the market, which is not far from Arut River. This facility is intended to create an easier fish distribution to the market.

Korindo Ariabima Sari is a company known to be active in carrying out social responsibility programs. Not long ago, KABS helped the local government in overcoming oxygen shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic. The oxygen produced by the company was provided to the community of West Kotawaringin and other areas in Central Kalimantan. (din/pr)