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WARTA KOTA, PALMERAH — Korindo Plywood Division collaborated with Police Resort of Penajam Paser Utara (Polres PPU) East Kalimantan in a social and environmental awareness program by providing a renovation assistance for the people’s houses which have been ineligible to live in.

The renovation was done on the house which belongs to Atik Andayani, a mother of four children in Gresik village. “Many parts of the walls and roofs have been damaged. The kitchen is very shabby and lacks of ventilation and sanitation. They don’t even have toilet. Therefore, company took the initiative to help renovating Mrs. Atik’s house. We needed 19 days to do the renovation. The materials in forms of sand, cement, and tin roofs were provided by Korindo Plywood Division and Police Resort of Penajam Paser Utara (Polres PPU) East Kalimantan through Police Sector of Penajam,” said Kim Hwa Dong, General Manager of Korindo Plywood Division.

This program was carried out by involving the community and the local government in providing assistance for those in needs. The house renovation program is very beneficial for the community as it helps in establishing interaction between the community, company, government agencies, and the police.

The house renovation as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs of Korindo Plywood Division is planned to be carried out continuously, and not only limited to renovation assistance, but also in all aspect of social and environmental awareness activities around the company. Incidentally, Korindo Group is adjacent to Gersik and Pantai Lango villages.

The provisions of the house renovation as follows:

  1. 19 Effective working days.
  2. 3 Workers from Korindo Plywood Division.
  3. 3 Sets of windows and 2 sets of doors.
  4. Door and window frames.
  5. New front porch wall.
  6. New walls.
  7. Kitchen, toilet, and bathroom.
  8. Fence.
  9. Floors are casted with cement, plywood, brick, and wood.
  10. Paralon pipes, squat toilet, PU, and paints are from Korindo Plywood Division.
  11. Tin roofs, cement, and sand are from the police sector.