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KORINDO Assists Farmers to Manage Farmland in Papua

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BOVEN DIGOEL, December 29th 2017 – KORINDO Group through its oil palm plantation division operating in the remote area of Papua, Boven Digoel, is active in encouraging the local community’s economy, and participating in improving food security in the region.

This is shown by KORINDO Group by providing part of its oil palm operational land to be made into farmland managed by the local community, so it is hoped there would not be hunger due to the food production centre in the area.



The effort done by KORINDO cannot be separated from its active role in participating to succeed Jokowi-JK government’s working program in 9 priority agenda or known as Nawa Cita, which is to develop Indonesia from the periphery by strengthening regions and villages. The goal is one: to create development equity for the welfare of people in Indonesia.

The contribution given by KORINDO for the local community is in the form of 10 hectares of land, tractors, fertilizers, spraying equipment, and other agricultural support tools, including farmers’ mentoring program to succeed in farming.

“We are so impressed and thankful for the aid from KORINDO CSR team, that has helped us overcome obstacles and problem that we are facing all this time. Before we received the aid from the company, the average income gained by people was Rp500.000,- per harvest, but now after receiving the support from the company by expanding the land area and providing equipment adequate for plowing, the average income could reach Rp3.000.000,- per harvest,” said the Head of of Tunas Mandiri farmers group, Ganwarius Kambinop, who was met at the farmland located in Jair District, Boven Digoel, Papua.

The company’s presence in Boven Digoel region is considered by the local people to have made a positive impact towards the devopment in the area.

“Before, there were so many isolated areas. But following the company’s presence, people are already able to reach other areas. In fact, the condition was very difficult here. Let alone the economic issues, the road access for people to buy things was very difficult. It would need weeks to buy things in the city for the daily needs,” said the advisor of Tunas Mandiri farmers group, Kornelius Kabut.

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