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JAKARTA — The Chairman of the Inter-parliament Cooperation Body (BKSAP) of the House of Representatives, Nurhayati Ali Assegaf, received a visit of the EU Ambassador to ASEAN, Fransisco Fontan Pardo, on Tuesday (18/4). They discussed several issues related to EU-ASEAN relations in general, and Indonesia in particular.

“I invite him to discuss some important things regarding the EU and ASEAN. The EU Ambassador to ASEAN resides in Jakarta, Indonesia, the biggest country in ASEAN with 60% of economic contribution in ASEAN. Thus, we need to talk with him,” said Nurhayati.

She also talked about palm oil issue which has been a public discussion after a resolution of palm oil issued by the EU. “Beside the role of the EU and ASEAN, we also discuss about the current issue which has become public concern, that is palm oil plantation or the EU resolution of palm oil products,” said Nurhayati.

He explained that Indonesia has been committed to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). According to her, Indonesia has become a leading country in the sustainable development achievement.

“I believe this is purely a trade and political competition. We know that people has been aspiring for a sustainable environment. Indonesia has been playing a role as a leading country in achieving sustainable development through its achievement in Millennium development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals,” said Nurhayati.

On the occasion, Nurhayati invited the EU Ambassador to attend the World Parliamentary Forum of Sustainable which will take place in Bali. Fransisco appreciated and honored the participation of Indonesia in achieving the global commitment.

“We invited him to the first conference of World Parliamentary of Sustainable in Bali. He gave a great response to the invitation. He also sees that Indonesia is actively participating in the achievement of the global commitment,” she said.