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A Piece of Story from the Corner of Boven Digoel

By 23 December 2020January 6th, 2021No Comments

20-year-old Simon Gembenof sieving soil for nursery at the AKPY training location in Ungaran, Semarang.

Yogyakarta, – It has been more than a month since these three men enjoyed the atmosphere of Yogyakarta, cultivating the spirit to learn all knowledge being given by the Plantation Community Academy of Yogyakarta (AKPY), a sister university of Yogyakarta Institute of Agriculture (Instiper) which is meant specifically for training, assesment, and vocational education program for prospective foremen, operators, and plantation crew at the Primary Expert (D1) level.

During their time in Yogyakarta, these Diploma I students in the palm oil scholarship program from Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS) have never forgotten about Korindo, an oil palm company that took part in sending them to university and providing fund for them until they finally set foot in the ‘City of Students’.

19-year-old Antonius Aute, 19-year-old Juventus Kemboy, and 20-year-old Simon Gembenof, the three men from Boven Digoel, Papua indeed often meet-up at Korindo.

No wonder, after the oil palm company’s existence, people in Boven considered the plantation area as a gathering place, either when they are coming to their respective villages, and when they are leaving the regency.

And they even became students majored in palm oil thanks to the Korindo employees who recommended it to them, even though Antonius lived in Subur Village in Subur District, Simon in Butiftiri Village, and Juventus in Getentiri Village. Both of them lived in Jair District.

“It is difficult to get a signal in our village. Plus, the electricity is only on sometimes. That’s why we go back and forth to Korindo. Fortunately the company was willing to help us until the end of the selection process and thank God the three of us passed,” Simon said while chatting with a while ago in Yogyakarta.

Sending students for palm oil scholarship in Yogya is only one part of the program series carried out by Korindo Group Papua, which manages an oil palm plantation in the Southern Papua—Merauke and Boven Digoel Regencies—for the local communities.

This was revealed during the conversation between and the Deputy Manager of Public Relations at Korindo, Daniel Sim Ayomi, S.Sos, MPA some time ago.

Daniel mentioned that for Korindo, education for the local children is the most important thing. Because with education, local children in Papua will be able to be more creative in reaching their lives and their way of living.

19-year-old Juventus Kemboy at the AKPY training location in Ungaran, Semarang.

Education is one aspect of what we do to create a successful government program. For the palm oil scholarship itself, we have sent students since 2018. Approximately 3 people per year,” he said.

In regions, Daniel explained that since seven years ago, scholarships have been given to children of customary rights owners, including those living in the border area of the Republic of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

“Based on our data this year, the total number of the scholarship recipients reached 431 people. Rp150 thousand per month for elementary school students, Rp200 thousand per month for junior high school students, Rp250 thousand per month for high school or vocational high school students, and Rp300 thousand per month for university students. But we distributed them once in 6 months,” Daniel specified.

There is also a donation of shuttle bus transportation for school children. We also provide incentives for honorarium teachers who teach in the company’s area.

“Some teachers live in the company housing with electricity and clean water facilities,” he explained.

For elementary school students in particular, a donation of school equipment is provided every 17th of August.

In addition to scholarships, the company also provides a fully-equipped boarding house in Merauke plus a donation of groceries every month.

“The company truly hopes that the children who went to college can succeed, so they can come back and work for the company,” Daniel said.

Simon, Juventus, and Antonius agreed with what Daniel said earlier. “Indeed that’s the way it is. That’s why our parents are very grateful to the company that cares for their children. This attention truly eases our parents’ burden,” Juventus said.


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