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PT Bimaruna Abadi Appreciates BUMN Champion Partners 2022

By 15 June 2022August 10th, 2023Group News5 min read

Photo of 2022 BUMN Champion Partner Appreciation Plaque in Jakarta

JAKARTA – PT Bimaruna Abadi, one of Korindo Group’s business units engaged in gas stations, won the appreciation of the BUMN Champion Partner in May 2022. PT Bimaruna Abadi received appreciation in the category of Private Business Class Distributor/Broker.

The event, which was initiated by the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), aims to give appreciation to SOE’s partners that have supported the implementation of business activities and operations of SOEs, so that SOEs can realize their performance effectively and efficiently.

SOE Minister, Erick Tohir personally handed over the appreciation to the company representatives. On this occasion, PT Bimaruna Abadi was represented by the Manager of PT Bimaruna Abadi gas station, Agung Prihasto Wibowo.

“So at the beginning, Pertamina contacted us. We have been selected from all gas stations in Indonesia. What was considered in the assessment is the level of excellent level that lasts the longest. And it turns out that we last for 63 months. Because in average, the one that stays in excellence level is no more than 24 months,” said Agung when contacted by the editor.

This title of excellent is achieved because PT Bimaruna Abadi is consistent in performing maintenance, maintaining services, and running Quality and Quantity (QNQ) according to established operational standards. This is the reason why Ministry of SOEs finally awarded this appreciation to PT Bimaruna Abadi.


The gas station with code 34.138.09 always pays attention as well to the pattern of fuel redemption. According to Agung, this is done because the Pertamina’s agreement states that gas stations must prepare fuel stocks for 2-3 sales days so that there is no lack of supply.

“Furthermore, this appreciation is also more prestigious because the appreciation of the State-Owned Enterprises is assessed from the field of business, not just gas stations. So we have won the national gas station champion for 2019 until now. This is because it is only a small part of Pertamina state-owned companies. If this is the SOE itself, there are many business fields such as PLN, KAI, and so forth.”


Appreciation of BUMN Champion Partners 2022

The 2022 BUMN Champion Partners Appreciation Event, which took place at Grha Pertamina, was also attended by the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs, Teten Masduki, officials from the Ministry of SOEs, directors of SOEs and SOE partners. SOE Minister, Erick Thohir in his speech said that the event was held to strengthen the synergy of SOEs with the private sector and MSMEs.

Indonesia, Erick said, actually has extraordinary strength, namely Natural Resources and Markets that can help state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and MSMEs to support the economic recovery and growth after the pandemic. Erick argues that it is no longer time for SOEs to be a lone tower amid digital disruption.

“This is why I want to appreciate the Champion Partners 2022. We also want to make sure that we can rely on these partners to go global SOEs, this is not a grandiose start, if other nations can make ecosystems as the country’s foundation, why can’t we. We as a majority country in Southeast Asia as the biggest foundation whether the economy, population or market, this synergy becomes inevitable, ” said Erick.

“This is what I want to offer, this is also why I hope that we SOEs and their partners can sit in line to serve each other well, because this is a collaborative era, so that we can become global competitors not only to be kings in their areas. I believe that if we want, we can create an ecosystem for Indonesia between the private sector, MSMEs, and SOEs,” he continued.

Erick hopes that with this event, SOEs with the private sector and MSMEs can do 3 things together, first, to improve relations with win-win solution considering that BUMN will be encouraged to become a global company with synergy established between both parties.

Second, building alignments to domestic products, namely TKDN through its partners and finally it is very important that BUMN has patners with the same vision, that are transparent and professional.

The 2022 BUMN Champion Partner appreciation was given through a series of selection and assessment processes carried out on the basis of partnership performance in 2021. There are 268 partners proposed by 12 SOE clusters to become SOE Champion Partners 2022, and then from the selected results, there were 41 partners that were given appreciation by the Ministry of SOEs this year.

The 41 SOE partners consist of 9 partners as Creditors/Investors, 8 partners as Distributors/Brokers, 12 partners as Suppliers/Vendors and 12 partners as Customers/Buyers. (Pr)

Photo of Company Representative Receiving the SOE Champion Partner Appreciation 2022

Appreciation Certificate of SOE National Champion Award Partners 2022

Atmosphere at the Venue of SOE Champion Partners Appreciation 2022