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Pondok Rajeg City Forest, Collaboration of Bogor Regency Govt. and Korindo for the Environment

By 25 September 2021October 11th, 2021Group News4 min read

The Head of DLH of Bogor Regency Asnan (left) and Chief Executive of Korindo Foundation Robert Seung during the trial planting of Pondok Rajeg City Forest, Saturday (25/9)

BOGOR, SEPTEMBER 25, 2021 – Bogor Regency Government and Korindo Group through the Korindo Foundation began a trial planting of Pondok Rajeg City Forest in Cibinong, Bogor, on Saturday (25/9). This activity was inaugurated by the Head of Environmental Service Office (DLH) of Bogor Regency, Asnan and the Chief Executive of Korindo Foundation, Robert Seung.

The event was also attended by the General Secretary of Korindo Foundation, Seo Jeongsik, and the management board of Korindo Group, as well as officials from Bogor Regency Government.

The trial stage is targeted to run for one year, which will end in September 2022. During that time, Korindo together with the Bogor Regency Government will carry out intensive supervision.

In his remarks, Seo Jeongsik hoped that the trial process could run smoothly and show good results so that the development process could be continued on the entire land. “That way, the existence of Pondok Rajeg City Forest can immediately provide benefits for the whole community,” he said.

The trial planting activity is a follow-up to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Bogor Regency Government and Korindo Foundation held at the Office of the Development Planning, Research and Development Agency (Bappedalitbang) of Bogor Regency last Monday (13/9).

The trial planting process, which is a part of a feasibility study, was necessary to do in advance. The reason is that the characteristics of soil in Pondok Rajeg City Forest tend to be soft, which is different from the one in Pakansari City Forest and other open green spaces that Korindo has built.

The trial planting was carried out in three zones, namely the southern, central, and northern parts. Each zone has an area of ​​900 square meters (m2) which is planted with 100 sengon and trembesi trees. In total, the trial planting area reached 2,700 m2 with 300 trees planted.

When the trial planting process is finished, Korindo Foundation and Bogor Regency Government will enter the next stage, namely the signing of another MoU for the official planting of Pondok Rajeg City Forest.

Korindo Group posing together with officials from Bogor Regency Government following the trial planting

On behalf of Bogor Regent Ade Yasin, the Head of DLH Service Office Asnan expressed his deepest appreciation and gratitude to Korindo Foundation for actively contributing for the development of Bogor Regency.

“Hopefully all stages will run smoothly so that the Pondok Rajeg City Forest can provide the best benefits for the community to realize an enjoyable Bogor Regency,” he conveyed.

Asnan said that the green collaboration conducted by Korindo has helped realize the commitment of Bogor Regency Government to prepare a number of Open Green Spaces (RTH) in Bogor Regency. In the future, he hopes that Korindo can continue to participate and synergize with various regional government development programs, especially in reforestation.

Korindo’s involvement in the building of Pondok Rajeg City Forest started last year. At that time, Korindo Foundation sent a Letter of Interest (LoI) to Bogor Regency Government regarding the company’s interest in supporting urban forest development.

After going through a number of discussions, both parties started the preparation stage. In June 2021, Afforestation Division of Korindo Group together with the Development Planning, Research and Development Agency (Bappedalitbang) and DLH of Bogor Regency began conducting land surveys.

For information, Pondok Rajeg City Forest is the second green collaboration program carried out by Bogor Regency Government with Korindo Foundation. Previously, both parties managed to convert a vacant land into Pakansari City Forest, Cibinong.

To date, Korindo is still responsible for the management of Pakansari City Forest. The responsibility will be handed over to the Bogor Regency Government in November 2022 to be used as a public area.

Korindo’s participation in the development and management of Pakansari City Forest received appreciation from Bogor Regency Government. This appreciation was given in the form of an award certificate to Korindo Foundation as an agent for social and environmental responsibility that has played a role in the development of Bogor Regency in 2019-2020 period.

Korindo’s social responsibility is not limited to the environment. Korindo is also committed to contributing to people and the government through the Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) programs that have been running for more than five decades. The programs touch on five pillars, namely education, health, environment, infrastructure, and the economy. (pr)