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PMI: “Korindo Gives Tremendous Donations”

By 3 May 2019October 22nd, 2021Group News2 min read

Jakarta – With the month of fasting coming soon, Korindo Group once again held a blood donation event in cooperation with PMI North Jakarta. This becomes the fourth time Korindo has held a blood donation event. Themed, “Healthy for You, Good for Others,” this event was held in Korindo Group Headquarters, Pancoran, South Jakarta (30/4). Staff from various divisions in Korindo Group.

Despite being held for the fourth time, the interest from the potential donors is still high. This is proven from PMI’s records, which states that 202 people consisting of employees of Korindo Group, tenant companies, and the community surrounding the company registered as donors in the social event. From the number of donors, Korindo Group managed to donate 136 units of blood. Meanwhile, 66 people were not able to meet requirements set by PMI to become blood donors.

This blood donation was held once more as a form of Korindo Group’s contribution towards others in need. Moreover, in the fasting month, the blood supply is often decreased due to the lack of donors. Therefore, Korindo Group blood donation is hoped to be able to help with blood supply during the fasting month.

“This fourth blood donation is very helpful for our brothers in need. We have also received several other donations from Korindo. It is tremendous,” said the staff of PMI North Jakarta, Sugiharsono, commenting on the blood donation event. PMI North Jakarta expressed much gratitude for the cooperation and good intention from Korindo Group with PMI so far.

PMI North Jakarta hoped that this well-established cooperation with Korindo Group can be maintained in the future. Hopefully Korindo Group can keep increasing its contribution towards the community. “(We hope) this could be increased more, because it definitely brings benefits that have been felt by many people in Indonesia,” Sugiharsono said during the event. [cka/PR]