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Pastor Amo: Korindo contributes in building seminary

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Pastor Anselmu Amo, MSC

Merauke, PSP – Archdiocese of Merauke received a voluntary donation from PT Tunas Sawa Erma (Korindo Group). The voluntary donation was sent through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in the form of fund worth Rp 2.4 billion.

This is confirmed by the Head of Secretariat for Justice and Peace of Archdiocese of Merauke (SKP KAME) Pastor Anselmu Amo, MSC when met by the reporter at his office yesterday.

“The 2.4 billion fund will be given voluntarily in stages for 3 years. This contribution is meant for building a seminary,” said Pastor Amo.

Pastor Amo emphasized that with this contribution through the MoU cooperation some time ago, it does not mean that the company is free to make mistakes.

Whereas the archdiocese holds the task to supervise every step taken by companies, especially in enviromental sector.

“The contribution does not mean that we can’t be critical of their mistakes or must defend them, no. This cooperation is not bound by rights and obligations,” Pastor Amo stressed.

Pastor Amo explained that this cooperation is related to Bishop Mandagi’s vision and mission. Where Independence and Brotherhood became the joint movement with all people.

“This independence belongs within the community to participate in building the diocese as well as independence in reaching a certain financial condition. In terms of brotherhood, the Bishop wants the priests and the people to be able to work together with both institutions and all people so this would become the direction and basis. This is related to the building of the seminary, where we had the chance to meet with the donors,” Pastor Amo explained.

He stated that the said cooperation was a mutual support. “That the diocese supports the presence of Korindo company here and Korindo also supports the diocese in certain matters. Support which means that the company has been here all along and it is impossible to expel them from here. But support the good things they do. If they do something bad, we will criticize them, and every problem must be resolved especially for Catholics who are victimized, for example,” Pastor Amo expressed. [ERS-NAL]

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