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Jakarta – Korindo respectively gained a number of awards from the government in the adjacent time. Previously, they were awarded on their commitment to prevent forest fire in palm oil plantation.

Recently, an award was given to Korindo through its palm oil division, for their partnership approach to local communities.


Korindo in Papua is a better, sustainable, humane, and successful concrete example,” said the Chairman of National Forestry Council, Prof. Didik Suharjito, in the National Working Meeting of the National Forestry Council, on Friday (5/5)


The National Working Meeting of the National Forestry Council is an important meeting which will serve suggestions to the government in maintaining and improving the economy of the country.

The meeting, which was attended by intellectuals, communities, companies, government, and NGOs, discussed about the plurality of palm oil business in particular and forestry in general.

Prof. Didik emphasized to the participants that the partnership approach has become a must-do approach. Not the security approach anymore. That’s the general principle that must be done in approaching the community nowadays.

Palm oil division, as one of division in Korindo, was given an opportunity to present its Corporate Social Responsibility program.

On the occasion, Company presented a paper entitled “To what extent the investment in Papua and what we have done for the people of Papua.” “Not what we have given to the people of Papua, but what we have done for them, ” said the Papua CSR coordinator, Satuman, to the reporters in Jakarta.

He explained that with 24 years of investment experience in Papua, they have understood the culture and characteristics of the people of Papua. Therefore, Company could run CSR programs to support the government’s program with the established commitments in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations in Indonesia.

“Unlike other companies, we have run CSR programs before Company cleared the land for palm oil and rubber plantations,” he said.

Company has contributed to the community through their CSR programs with the establishment of worship places, health centers, schools, roads, clean water supply, traditional markets, city parks, school buses, and training centers to train the indigenous human resources of Papua in order to improve their economy.

Company gives its maximum effort in serving the community. The company provides free medical treatment in all its 8 clinics as the CSR program in health sector.

The award, which served as an appreciation from the government, given by the National Forestry Council to Company has an important role as an encouragement to other companies to participate and do the same. (yr/hw/berita360)

Hugeng Widodo,