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Korindo Shares Happiness with 100 Orphans

By 24 May 2019October 22nd, 2021Group News3 min read

JAKARTA – The month of Ramadan is a month full of happiness, especially for Muslims who are performing the fast. In this holy month, many moments of kindness can be practiced to share the love with people in need. One of them is an event themed “Ramadhan Ceria Bersama Korindo” (Cheerful Ramadan with Korindo) which was held on Saturday, May 18th 2019, in the hall of Nurul Hikmah Mosque, Complex of Logistic Division of Korindo Group which operates in Cakung, East Jakarta.

This event is part of the Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) Program as a result of collaboration between Korindo Foundation and Logistic Division. The purpose is to share cheerfulness and happiness among Korindo Group employees with 100 orphans in the company’s operational area. With theme, “Kita Jalin Ukhuwah & Berbagi Kebahagiaan Bersama Anak Yatim,” (Let’s Connect the Brotherhood & Share Happiness with the Orphans) as many as 100 packages of staple food and school stationery were handed over directly by the Management of Korindo Group, Park Jie Bae and Jo Myungkook along with the General Secretary of Korindo Foundation, Yi Sun Hyeong to the representative of Pondok Yatim Assaulia, Cakung, East Jakarta.

In his welcome speech, the General Secretary of Korindo Foundation, Yi Sun Hyeong delivered his gratitude to Logistic Division for its collaboration which made the event run smoothly. “I am truly delighted with the Logistic Division being very unified in organizing this event, so it ran very well. I hope this division can continue to create a synergy in providing benefits to peple located around the company. To all the children, let’s be happy and cheerful today,” Yi Sun Hyeong said.

A similar tone was stated by Hanum, a 4th grade elementary school student from Pondok Yatim Assaulia, who expressed her happiness for this event. “Thank God, I am happy to be able to participate in this event. Thank you to Korindo Group for the aid. “May God reward the kindness from Korindo Group, which has done good things for us”.

In this Ramadan Ceria event with Korindo, dozens of employees of Korindo participated in giving charity to the orphans. The charity was raised by themselves through the local mosque’s board or Dewan Kemakmuran Masjid (DKM). Not only the handover of staple food, stationery, and money, the event was also filled with various positive activities such as educational games, religious lecture, and breakfasting. (pr)