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Korindo Group Joins Earth Hour 2023

By 25 March 2023May 10th, 2023Group News2 min read

Photo: Wisma Korindo shut off its lights for the celebration, Saturday (3/25)

JAKARTA – Korindo Group demonstrated its resolve to scale back emissions by engaging in this year’s Earth Hour 2023 on Saturday (3/25). Earth Hour is a global movement that encourages turning off the lights for an hour to reduce energy use and emissions. Following worldwide traditions, the event was held on the last Saturday of March, 08.30 – 09.30 PM local time.

Electricity was switched off in office rooms, company executive and employee dorms, and any place possible within company grounds.

“The [Earth Hour] concept is simple, but when we do it all together, we can count how much energy we saved. I can assure you, this amount will contribute to our fight against climate change. This year was also our first time participating in the movement, a concrete action that we hope to continue to mitigate the effects of global warming,” said Korindo’s Learning and Innovation Center (LIC) head, Setiyono.

To know the amount of energy saved during the period, a company can record its electric meter at two different occasions – a day before and minutes after the Hour ended – and compare the numbers afterwards.

“Saturday is a no-work day, so the difference in energy consumption [between Earth Hour and a normal day] isn’t that significant. But the impact can certainly be felt in locations with dormitories,” Korindo’s Environment Coordinator Adya Pradhana told the PR team.

Korindo Group’s 16 companies joined this campaign. These were PT DD (in Wisma Korindo and Wisma Indah), PT AK, PT BMJ, PT BRJ, PT KHI, PT KPS, PT BS, PT BWL, PT BFI, PT KAS, PT KTH-HTI, PT KTH-Ind, PT TSI, PT KA, PT IA, PT TTL, and PT PJ. (PR)