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Korindo Group Holds 6S Coaching to Help Improve Government Office Services

By 30 May 2022August 10th, 2023Group News3 min read

Photo: Explanation of Material on 6S to the Representatives of Pancoran Urban Village and Sub-district

JAKARTA, May 30, 2022 – A neat, clean, and well-organized work environment has been proven to increase productivity and efficiency. Therefore, Korindo Group has long been implementing 6S or Set, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain and Safety, a method to organize a workplace into a better place on an ongoing basis, so that employee work processes are more effective, efficient, and Occupational Safety and health can be maintained.

Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSC) Korindo Group tries to spread a good work culture including to government agencies such as the offices of Pancoran urban village and sub-district. The kick-off event of this activity was carried out at the Pancoran Sub-district office on Monday (30/5).

“We will monitor the activities from the kick-off event to the implementation of this 6S program together and finally we will turn in into a competition. So this program can be realized, run smoothly and be beneficial for all of us,” said Setiyono, the Manager of Korindo Foundation.

Enrichment material on 6S was delivered directly by Giyanto from Korindo Group’s Learning and Innovation Center to village heads and village representatives in Pancoran Sub-district. According to Giyanto, one of the reasons for this activity is to help government offices increase satisfaction in service to the community.

Following the kick-off event, which consisted of the material presentation, the company will carry out mentoring to the offices of the Pancoran village and sub-district. After that on August 16, the competition will be held and continued with an awarding event on August 18th.

Pancoran Sub-district Secretary, Mumu Mujtahid, who attended the event said that this is the first time a private company organized activities that are applicable to government offices. He sees this activity as a transfer of knowledge that is useful for the advancement and improvement of services to the community.

“Not only to follow the orders but because they need to be neat, tidy, and all are organized because the ones who will feel the benefits are the employees themselves either in the village or sub-district,” he said.

According to Mumu, government office employees have actually received material about 6S through education and training programs. However, due to limited teaching resources and so on, not all employees get the opportunity to receive the training.

Mumu was very grateful with the help of Korindo Group, the implementation of 6S can be really applied directly on the desk of each employee, “So the we tidied up our own desks, our own offices in our daily lives. Really put it into practice,” Mumu concluded. (Pr)

Delivery of material from Learning and Innovation Center

Joint photo with the participants