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Korindo Group Distributes 2,100 Food Packages

By 29 May 2019October 21st, 2021Group News2 min read


CILEUNGSI – Paper Manufacturing Division on Monday and Tuesday (27-28 / 5) yesterday provided assistance with 2,100 basic food packages to residents who are living close to the company operational area in Cileungsi, Bogor, West Java. This donation is welcomed by emotion and joy by the community.

The social action this time is using the theme of “Achieving A Victory by Sharing” and involved Korindo Management, employees, and the community living in 3 villages around the company, namely Desa Dayeuh, Desa Parungdegdeg and Desa Cileungsi Kidul. Each person received a package containing 5kg of rice, 2 liters of frying oil, and 1 kg of sugar.

During the activity, GA HRD General Manager Kim Jin Woo was also present to directly monitor this social activity, as well as socialize with the surrounding community. “This is a form of our concern. Hopefully this donation can help alleviate the economic burden on the residents, “Kim Jin Woo said.

A sense of happiness and appreciations are expressed by the people for the company’s concern for the community. “So far, Korindo Group has been very concerned to the people here, and has provided a lot of assistance. Thank you very much, Korindo, “Grandma Rodiah (80) said softly. (kom/asp)