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Korindo Foundation’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program Aids in Micro-Enterprise Empowerment in Pancoran Subdistrict

By 5 December 2022August 11th, 2023Group News3 min read

Photo: Pancoran subdistrict head Alamsah and Korindo Foundation’s General Secretary Seo Jeongsik took a picture with Youth Entrepreneurship Program beneficiaries

Jakarta – To stimulate national economic growth and recovery in the post-pandemic era, the Indonesian government is promoting the development of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). It sees business empowerment as key to helping the pandemic-stricken escape financial troubles.

In support of this, Korindo Foundation made the Youth Entrepreneurship Program. “Entrepreneurial activities have a huge part in improving financial resilience, and even more so at these times, when the pandemic is waning. To boost our area’s entrepreneurship ratio, we provide various assistance for local MSME owners and young entrepreneurs, which includes the Youth Entrepreneurship Program,” said Korindo Foundation’s General Secretary, Seo Jeongsik.

In the program, the Foundation selects two youngpreneurs, to whom it grants a working capital of 15 million IDR each. Seo handed over these funds at the Pancoran Subdistrict office on Monday (28/11).

The lucky beneficiaries are Pengadegan Urban Village’s Dina Avriani and Duren Tiga Urban Village’s Nur Linda. “I hope this assistance gives businesses a boost to make more innovations and achieve self-sufficiency, so they can thrive and make other people thrive as well,” said Dina, a seller in Gallery PKK Pancoran. This store is run by local PKK, or Family Empowerment and Welfare (FEW) groups, to showcase their products.

Seo Jeongsik had a look around the shops of Youth Entrepreneurship Program beneficiaries (Dina Avriani and Nur Linda) and tried their products

Meanwhile, the Youth Entrepreneurship Program is a source of motivation for Nur Linda, who’s reviving a family business, Ayam Penyet Uwa Ita. “My mom’s ayam penyet (smashed fried chicken) shop got shut down because of the pandemic, and at the same time she got a stroke as well, so I had to take over to provide for my family. Korindo Foundation, thank you so much for your support.”

Alamsah, Pancoran subdistrict head, didn’t deny that many of his residents continued to face money issues, even after the pandemic ended. He expressed gratitude for the program, “May our partnership continue to grow, so we can help one another in improving community welfare,”

To get involved, applicants must be 18-28 years old and reside in Pancoran, Duren Tiga, Pengadegan, Cikoko, Rawajati, or Kalibata urban villages. They must submit a proposal that details a new business idea or development for an existing business, and then go through a selection process. (PR)