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Korindo Foundation Provides Educational Assistance to High-Achieving Students Affected by the Pandemic

By 1 November 2021January 11th, 2022Group News4 min read

Joint photo of Korindo Foundation with scholarship recipients from the University of Indonesia following the virtual scholarship ceremony, Friday (29/10)

JAKARTA — Korindo Foundation, a division specifically handles Korindo Group’s social responsibility, once again provided scholarship for Indonesian students. This year, Korindo Foundation distributed educational assistance worth Rp 125 million to 25 young generation of students from five leading universities. The scholarship is primarily intended for high-achieving students who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The scholarship from Korindo Foundation was awarded to 25 students from Korean Language Program and the Faculty of Forestry in five universities, namely University of Indonesia (UI), National University (UNAS), University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), Indonesia University of Education (UPI), and Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB). Each student received a scholarship assistance worth Rp 5 million.

The scholarship was symbolically handed over through a virtual meeting held on Wednesday (27/10) to Friday (29/10). Also present at the event were the General Secretary of Korindo Foundation Seo Jeongsik, the Manager of Korindo Foundation Setiyono, the scholarship recipient students, and representatives from each university.

The educational assistance program in the form of scholarship has been a part of Korindo Foundation’s social responsibility activities since more than two decades ago. This activity is a form of corporate contribution to people in the field of education.

Previously, Korindo Foundation prioritized students with high achievement as recipients of the scholarship. However, due to the pandemic in the past two years, Korindo Foundation added a criterion for recipients, which is students whose families economically affected by the pandemic.

The virtual scholarship handover from Korindo Foundation to students from IPB, UNAS, UPI, and UGM, Wednesday (27/20) to Friday (29/10)

As is known, activity restrictions during the pandemic has led to many people financially affected, including the parents of the students. Seeing these conditions, Korindo Foundation with a number of universities determined economic factor as one of the criteria in selecting the scholarship recipients.

Seo said that the donation was primarily intended for students whose parents lost a job due to the pandemic. “Hopefully this donation could further encourage students to pursue education and chase their dreams, despite this pandemic,” he said.

Seo added by saying that the scholarship donation was also a form of appreciation from Korindo Foundation for the learning spirit and achievements of the scholarship recipients. He hoped that the students could inspire their resilience to more people.

Students from the Faculty of Forestry, IPB University, who received the scholarship, M Arie Pratama, expressed his deep gratitude to Korindo Foundation. “I became increasingly motivated to achieve more and provide benefits to the people around me,” he said.

Arie hoped that the educational assistance provided by Korindo could reach out to more young generation in various regions in Indonesia. Especially for those who are suffering financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The same hope was uttered by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at UI Adrianus LG Waworontu. “Every young generation has the right to get access to a proper education. Therefore, the scholarship provided by Korindo Foundation should be expanded so that these rights can be felt by more people,” he said.

The scholarship program from Korindo Foundation for high-achieving students of D3 and S1 in various universities in Indonesia has been running since 1998. More than 800 students have already benefited from this program.

In addition to awarding scholarships to students, Korindo Foundation also regularly distributes educational assistance for high-achieving children of Korindo Group employees. As much as 1,927 students have received this scholarship. The latest scholarship in 2021 was awarded to 98 junior high and high school students, which was virtually handed over in early September. (dinda/pr)