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Korindo Foundation Empowers MSMEs Through Mentoring Program

By 23 August 2021October 22nd, 2021Group News3 min read

JAKARTA – Korindo Foundation, a division that specifically handles Korindo Group’s social contribution, strives to support the community’s economic independence through empowerment of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). This commitment is realized through Korindo Foundation Partnership Program themed Korindo Green Sponsorship 2021.

In this program, Korindo Foundation provides fund for mentoring assistance of a maximum of Rp 30 million for two selected organizations for two-year period of program. The beneficiaries are selected through a proposal selection process that has been carried out since last April.

Kajang Mandiri Sejahtera is one of the beneficiaries of Korindo Green Sponsorship 2021. This MSME is engaged in catfish farming located in Rawarengas Village, Kosambi, Tangerang.

Led by Panca Suryadi, Kajang Mandiri Sejahtera seeks to help the economy of community in Rawarengas Village through catfish farming. “The prospect of catfish cultivation here is very promising because there are many catfish sellers that we can work with. There are many consumers as well, considering that the majority of people like catfish,” Panca explained.

Panca mentioned that the assistance provided by Korindo Foundation would be used to build electrical installation and livestock installation, as well as to buy catfish seeds, feed and vitamins. For the cultivation area, Kajang Mandiri Sejahtera utilizes ponds located within their own environment.

In the future, Kajang Mandiri Sejahtera plans to hold a collaboration with Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDES) in Rawarengas Village to work together in the catfish distribution to fish sellers or catfish sellers. On the other hand, people can also buy them directly from Kajang Mandiri Sejahtera at an agreed selling price.

“Therefore, the economic cycle will continue on and involve the community in our environment,” Panca said.

With this created system, Panca hoped that the presence of Kajang Mandiri Sejahtera could help increase people’s income. Especially in the midst of the economic pressure due to the Covid-19.

Panca expressed his deep appreciation to Korindo Foundation. Through this MSME empowerment program, the people of Rawarengas Villages now have greater hope to survive during the pandemic. “I am very grateful to Korindo Foundation for helping people affected by the pandemic. I hope this will not end here, and instead will continue with more programs,” he uttered.

Korindo Green Sponsorship 2021 is the newest program from Korindo Foundation that aims to support community development, including MSMEs. This program involves communities in Jabodetabek area and is not only focused in Pancoran Sub-district, as has often been done in programs from Korindo Foundation over the past four years.

Representative of Korindo Foundation, Setiyono explained that Green Sponsorship 2021 prioritizes principle of sustainability, in accordance with other values in Korindo Group’s Corporate Social Contribution (CSC). Therefore, Korindo Foundation will continue to supervise and provide mentoring assistance on the selected program during one year period of program,” he said.

Previously, Korindo Foundation has held a number of partnership programs, namely hydroponic and aquaponics cultivations located in Ciliwung riverbank, in collaboration with farmers group in Pengadegan, Pancoran, Jakarta. (din/pr)