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Korindo Donates Weighing Scales To Health Centers In Pancoran District

By 9 April 2015October 13th, 2021Group News2 min read

Jakarta ( – Korindo Group donates 12 baby scales to the Health Centers in Pancoran district, South Jakarta. It has donated 6 scales before.

The donation of the baby scales called Bang Balino (Innovative Baby Scale) was done at the District Office of Pancoran, on Thursday (09/04/2015). The Head of Pancoran district, RM Amien Haji, welcome the arrival of Korindo Group team led by Andre Roberto, the GM of HRD & GA of Korindo Group.

On that occasion, Andre Roberto, socializes the scale. In his presentation before the Head of Pancoran district and the women of PKK who are active in the Health Centers of Pancoran, he states that the scales donated by Korindo are more secure and comfortable.

“The shape is a bit different from the usual scales that have been used in the Health Cernters before. These scales are also prioritizing the safety factor, so the toddlers will be safe while being weighed,” he told at Pancoran district, South Jakarta, on Thursday (09/04/2015).

In addition, Bang Balino is also interesting for children. It was designed in form of cars. “It will make the children happy and excited because it looks like toys. They (the toddlers) also will not be scared,” he said.

Andre admits that Korindo designs the scales based on the experience in 2012; when an accident occured during weighing in a Health Center. “The incident made us to think of an idea to make a safe and comfortable baby scale. And of course interesting,” he explained.

He states that the scales that have been donated by Korindo manage to attract the interest of the women of PKK in Health Centers. It encourages Korindo to give similar aids to Health Centers.

He says that they will deliver the aids gradually. He hopes that all the Health Centers in Jakarta will have the same safe and comfortable scales. (Wan)