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Korindo Consistently Implements Continuous Social Responsibility

By 5 August 2021No Comments

JAKARTA – As a company that has been in operation for five decades in Indonesia, Korindo Group has a commitment where Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a continuous implementation of social responsibility. Not only done occasionally at certain moments, activities held by Korindo are part of its efforts to create a sustainable development.

This commitment mainly stems from the company’s philosophy, which is to build a harmonious, profitable, and continuous relationship between the community and stakeholders in order to achieve progress and prosperity. This principle has been consistently carried out by Korindo Group over the course of more than five decades of its business operation in Indonesia.

Several continuous social responsibilities are carried out through Korindo Foundation, a social institution under Korindo Group’s wing. Programs in the fields of health, education, environment, infrastructure, to community empowerment are regularly carried out by Korindo Foundation.

General Secretary of Korindo Foundation, Seo Jeongsik stated that, coming from the company’s philosophy, Korindo Group branded its CSR programs as Corporate Social Contribution (CSC). “Because Korindo Group wants more than just being responsible in carrying out its CSR activities. We want to make a contribution,” he explained.

Therefore, in carrying out each CSC activity, Korindo Group does not only conduct philanthropic activities for underprivileged communities. Through its subsidiaries, Korindo Group also develops various local potentials in gradual steps through community development programs.

This value can be seen in one of Korindo Foundation’s flagship CSCs, Pengadegan Hydroponic Village in South Jakarta. In addition to providing material assistance in the form of hydroponic pipes and plant seeds, Korindo Group also provided mentorship. This assistance was held to ensure that the community could continue the cultivation program when the company is no longer involved.

The Pengadegan Hydroponic Village program has even produced a farming technique practitioner named Saparno. The Pengadegan resident, who once received a capital fund and mentorship from Korindo Foundation is often invited as hydroponic mentor to share his knowledge with many people.

Korindo Foundation has now collaborated with Saparno once again to develop hydroponic and aquaponics together on the Ciliwung riverbank. Exactly in RT 08/001 Pengadegan Urban Village, Korindo Foundation built an installation of 200 hydroponic plant holes and 1,000 freshwater fish.

The installation will be managed by the surrounding community with directions from Saparno. It is estimated that the vegetable harvest can be enjoyed at the end of April and ahead of Eid-al-Fitr. Meanwhile, the freshwater fish can be harvested in about four months.

Another principle held by Korindo Foundation in carrying out CSC is by adapting itself with the community needs and the local wisdom. “This is important to improve the quality of human resources and local entrepreneurship in a sustainable manner,” Seo mentioned.

In implementing CSC, Korindo Group also prioritizes aspects of partnership, community participation, and common goals to achieve progress and prosperity. These values are reflected in Korindo’s Urban Forest program that was built in the Pakansari Stadium area, Cibinong, Bogor Regency, in 2019.

For three years, Korindo Foundation were responsible for managing the urban forest that has helped empower the local community. In the future, the management of the urban forest will be handed over to the Bogor Regency Government in November 2022, which then can be used as a reforestation and recreation area.

Following the success of developing the Pakansari City Forest, Korindo Foundation’s reforestation program also expanded to other regions. The land formerly used as a landfill (TPA) in Pondok Rajeg, Bogor Regency, will be transformed into an open green space.

A massive scale sustainable program has also been implemented in Gendol Hill, Wonogiri, Central Java. In 2015, Korindo and its related stakeholders planted 7,000 tree seedlings and fruit trees such as avocado and durian.

Korindo Group was inspired by Mbah Sadiman, a middle-aged man who had been planting thousands of trees in Gendol Hill since 1995. His contribution has now paid off. More than 600 residents of Geneng Village, where Gendol Hill is located, can access clean water without having to worry about drought.

Korindo Group’s scope of CSCs is not only held in Java Island. In West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Korindo alongside Forest for Life Indonesia (FFLI) and the NTB Provincial Government developed black soldier fly for bioconversion technology in organic waste management. The profit was given back for environment preservation and the welfare of the local residents. (pr)


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