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MATARAM – KORINDO alongside Forest for Life Indonesia (FFLI) and the Provincial Government of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) inaugurated organic waste management by using Bioconversion technology that utilizes Black Soldier Fly (BSF). The profit gained from the social venture through this organic waste management will be given back for environmental preservation and the local community’s welfare.

This NTB’s first project was located in Bebae Sub-Village, Lingsar Village, West Lombok, and its operation was inaugurated by the Regional Secretary of West Nusa Tenggara Rosiyadi Sayuti, the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of South Korea Kim Jae-Hyun, Forest for Life Indonesia, and KORINDO.

In his welcoming speech in the inauguration last Monday (9/7), the Head of FFLI Foundation, Dr. Hadi S Pasaribu delivered his gratitude to KORINDO for all of the support given so the organic waste processing facility can be well realized.

Appreciation towards KORINDO was also delivered by the Minister of Forestry of South Korea (Minister of Korea Forest Service) H.E. Mr. Kim Jae-Hyun. “Gratitude for KORINDO that has supported this organic waste processing project. The existence of the company’s CSR program will provide benefit for the community as well as the company itself,” said Minister Kim Jae-Hyun. He hoped the success of this project could serve as a model and be replicated by other parties, and NTB can become a pioneer in this sector.

In this organic waste processing, bioconversion technology is implemented by utilizing Black Soldier Fly (BSF) that is capable to process organic waste naturally into source of protein, basic material of biological fertilizer, and various kinds of organic fertilizer. Black Soldier Fly, or named Hermetia illucens in Latin, is a type of fly that is capable to process organic materials naturally to become a source of protein as well as the source of organic fertilizer and its derivative products that are useful for agriculture, livestock, and fisheries.

As explained by the Social Venture Project Manager of KORINDO, Mr. Namhong Kim, the grant provided by KORINDO is meant to solve waste issues and protein production improvement through philantropic approach in the form of social venture incubation to support earth greening mission and save the environment for the welfare of earth’s inhabitants.

“The surplus obtained as a result of this productivity project will later be used as much as possible for the interest of the project’s sustainability, greening activities, environmental preservation, or other social acitivities,” said Mr. Namhong Kim.

According to him, KORINDO at the moment is preparing an implementation of a similar model to be applied in Papua. “Later on, organic waste from palm oil factories will be converted for the sake of environmental preservation, and for helping the community’s economic businesses in agricultural sector that produces high-protein food with affordable prices for the community in the area,” said Mr. Namhong Kim. (pr)