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Boven Digoel, August 31st, 2017 — Korindo Group once again received appreciation from the Indonesian government. This time, through Korindo Clinic located in Asiki, a village in the outback of Boven Digoel, Papua, in the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border. The clinic successfully won The Best Performance Award from BPJS Health for the category of Primary Clinic in the Deputy-Region of Papua and West Papua.

The award was handed out by dr. Anurman Huda, MM, AAK, BPJS Health’s Deputy Regional Director of Papua and West Papua to dr. Rizky Juniarti Nober, representing Korindo Group’s Clinic, on August 26th 2017 in Jayapura, Papua. Upon receiving the award, Korindo Clinic is entitled to participate in the national level selection in Jakarta.

As a response to the achievement, dr. Firman Jayawijaya, the Manager of Korindo Clinic, said that this award does not make entire staff feel satisfied. “This is a special encouragement for all of us to continue to improve in providing the best possible service for our patients,” dr. Firman asserted. He set a target so this best achievement award would not only be given in Papua and West Papua regions, but also at the national level.

The award was given by BPJS Health during the meeting on evaluation and monitoring program of National Health insurance (JKN) at the First Level Health Care Facility (FKTP). The meeting was participated by 124 FKTPs in Papua and West Papua, from primary hospitals (Rumah Sakit Pratama), community health centers (Puskesmas), military/police hospitals, individual private doctors, and clinics.

“The meeting is held every year. Until 2017, there have been 724 FKTPs in Papua and West Papua. We appointed three health facilities to follow the national competition,” said dr. Anurman at Aston Jayapura Hotel, Tuesday (26/8).

According to dr. Rizky Juniarti Nober, Korindo Clinic managed to win the Best Performance award and be the best in Papua and West Papua regions due to having the best statistics in 3 assessment indicators of BPJS Health.

These indicators are: First, high numbers of contacts, which indicated a quite sufficient service in both medical personnel and facilities, Second, a very low referral rate due to the ability to handle cases that do not need to be referred to a hospital, and Third, Korindo Clinic is considered to be having management program for chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension, which is quite reliable.

“It is a pride for Korindo Clinic to receive the Best Performance Award for category in Primary Clinic in Papua and West Papua regions, especially since this is BPJS’ second year of implementation in Korindo Group’s clinic in Papua,” the kind doctor stated.


Korindo Group Overview

Korindo Group, an Indonesian company, established in 1969, was originally engaged in hardwood development industry, then began plywood/veneer production in 1979, newsprint production in 1984, and finally started developing oil palm plantations in Papua Province in 1995.

This oil palm plantation business, developed by Korindo in Trans Papua region, is in line with the regional development program set by the government as a part of the development center of Papua.

Since the beginning of its operation, until today, Korindo Group’s Plantation Division has absorbed at least 12,000 workers in Papua, and has contributed 30% to 50% of the total Regional Original Income (PAD) in Merauke and Boven Digoel.

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