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Green Tomorrow Vol.1 Edition 1 2017

By 3 August 2017September 13th, 2021No Comments

Editorial Message

Dear our lovely readers,

A name surely has a meaning, especially for all of us at KORINDO Group, which at the moment continues to improve and develop in all aspects of the company’s environment-based activities.

This bulletin, ‘Green Tommorow’, presents itself as a means of information and innovative communication to unite all employee’s perception. This is also in line with the philosophy of KORINDO. an innovative and future-oriented company.

Through this first edition, we would like to share that recently. KORINDO held a national-scale event called, “Hijaukan Jakarta. Korindo Peduli Pelestarian Keanekaragaman Hayati.” (Create a Green Jakarta. Korindo Cares for Biodiversity Conservation), an environment-themed event and certainly not the first and the only environmental event that has ever been held by KORINDO.

In addition. KORINDO big family should be proud of the Indonesian government’s appreciation given to one of KORINDO’s business unit in oil palm plantation field.

This award complements various other awards that we have previously received, and this would certainly give us encouragement to keep bringing various developments to fulfill hope and demands of KORINDO Group’s loyal customers.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy the “Green Tomorrow” bulletin, a gift from us to all of KORINDO’s employees.

KORINDO Cares for Biodiversity Conservation

DKI Jakarta is having an increasingly rapid pace of development. This led to the abandonment of people’s need for a green, rich in water and fresh air environment as a source of life. To overcome this problem, tree planting is a the best solution that can be done by all elements of community in the capital city.

The Head of Forestry Service OKI Jakarta. Djafar Muchlisin said to achieve an environmentally friendly and healthy city, there needs to be at least 30% of land cover area from the total area of the city. In Jakarta, the land cover area only reaches 11%.

“To fill the lack of land cover, there needs to be a massive amount of tree planting.” said Djafar during the tree planting activity, Korindo Cares for Biodiversity Conservation in Cempaka Urban Forest. Cilangkap, East Jakarta. Saturday (20/5).

Djafar said, the lack of land cover in Jakarta has been causing problems ranging from flood, drought, to the lack of proper green areas. Tree planting is considered as one of the best solutions to the condition.

Korindo CEO. Mr. Robert Seung expressed that environmental preservation must be maintained and made aware to everyone. Carrying a theme of Korindo Cares for Biodiversity Conservation, Robert stated that this year, Korindo distributed 5000 tree seedlings, which were planted in four parks in DKI Jakarta, namely Taman Hutan Cempaka. Pondok Ranggon. Bambu Petung. and Lapangan Tembak, East Jakarta.

In the four parks, the tree planting action was attended by 922 students from SMPN 196. SMPN 230. MTsN 22. SMPN 147. SMPN 283. SMPN 9 East Jakarta, and the whole board of directors along with 100 employees from Korindo Group. In addition to the planting of 5000 tree seedlings, there were also the release of 100 birds, and 1000 fish seeds.