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Green Community – 6S Goes To Government Program

By 25 August 2022August 10th, 2023Group News3 min read

Photo: Korindo Foundation General Secretary Seo Jeongsik handed over the award plaque to Pancoran subdistrict head, Alamsyah

JAKARTA –  The Pancoran subdistrict office won Best Practice award with a total of 74 points in the Green Community – 6S Goes to Government contest, Monday (22/8). Organized by Korindo Group’s Learning and Innovation Center (LIC) team, the event aimed to promote a better work culture for more effective and efficient processes, while still paying attention to occupational safety and health. Along with the subdistrict office, Pancoran’s urban village governments took part in the competition, which spanned from June to August. In the process, they were assisted and monitored by the LIC team.

Head of the Pancoran subdistrict office, Alamsyah, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration. “Speaking for the Pancoran subdistrict and urban village governments, I thank Korindo Foundation for all the help. I hope the company always prospers. Also, I must underline that this is all Korindo’s work for us,” he commented.

LIC noted that among participants, the Pancoran subdistrict had better scores in sorting office waste, organizing work documents and equipment, maintaining cleanliness of work areas and supplies, and keeping desks neat and tidy.

Nonetheless, there were a few habits in need of change, such as the practice of filling office desks with personal items, storing documents under the desk, and not tidying up electrical cables. “Our team still finds piles of knickknacks and work papers around the desk. These are prone to be knocked over and disturb workers when doing their job,“ said Yuki Yusman from the LIC team.

Contest organizer and participants taking a photo in the event


Pancoran subdistrict head showed his award

The award plaque was given directly by Korindo Foundation General Secretary Seo Jeongsik to the subdistrict head. Seo congratulated the winner, “Today, we are honored to present an award to the office which, based on our assessment, practices 6S the best. Congratulations to the winner. Hope you will inspire other candidates to follow this system and may 6S continues to be applied at work,”

Having a neat, clean, and organized work environment is proven to boost productivity and efficiency. For this reason, Korindo Group implements 6S in all of their offices. Stands for Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain and Safety, 6S is a method to create a better and sustainable workplace.

Through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSC) program, Korindo Group tries to introduce and promote this system to government agencies, like the ones in Pancoran. (PR)