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Korindo’s Corporate Sosial Responsibility

By 11 February 2015October 14th, 2021Group News2 min read

Sinar Digoel (Page. 3) – 2nd Week/Feb/15

Asiki (Sinar Digoel) – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept of a company that has a sense of responsibility towards all the stakeholders, among whom are the customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and environment in all operational aspects including economic, social, and environmental.

Therefore, CSR is closely related to “sustainable development,” in which an organization, particularly company, must make their decisions in every activities based not only on the economic aspects, such as the level of profits or dividends, but also must consider the social and environmental impacts that might emerge from their decisions, both for the short and long terms. Thus, CSR can be considered as the contribution of the company to the goal of sustainable development through impact management (minimizing the negative impacts and maximizing the positive impacts) to all the stakeholders.

To strengthen the relation with the community around the company’s area in Asisi, PT Korindo held a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program at Kampung Ujung Kia, Ki District on Sunday (15/2/15). In this program, in addition to providing free medical care, the company also distributed thousands of pencils for students. The Coordinator of Korindo Asiki CSR program, Satuman, said that this is a form of the company’s concern to the condition of the environment and people around the company’s area.

“This activity has been conducted regularly to strengthen the relation between the local people and PT Korindo,” he said. Satuman added that PT Korindo constantly sought to be closer with the people. “We hope this program can make the relationship between the people and the company more harmonious,” he said.

“CSR is a sustained commitment of business entities to act ethically, contribute to economic development of the local people or wider community, and improve the living standard of their employees and families.”