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Bogor Regency Government Rewards Korindo Foundation for its Environmental and Social Responsibility

By 23 August 2022August 10th, 2023Group News2 min read

Certificate awarded for company contribution to Bogor Regency’s ESR program

BOGOR – For its commitment to nature preservation and contribution to Bogor Regency’s greening program, Korindo Group scooped an award from the Bogor Regency Government on Tuesday (23/8).

The certificate was presented in a virtual event and signed by Bogor acting regent Iwan Setiawan. It noted Korindo Group as “an active participant in Bogor Regency’s Environmental and Social Responsibility program in 2021,”

A brief look at Environmental and Social Responsibility or ESR — it’s a term commonly found in national laws, notably those which govern corporate responsibility to maintain natural and social sustainability in its operational areas.

In the context of Bogor Regency’s program, Korindo Group tries to fulfill this responsibility by building two city forests: one in Pakansari (2019) and another in Pondok Rajeg (2021) through the Korindo Foundation.

During the Pondok Rajeg planting trial on Saturday (25/9/21), the head of Bogor Regency’s environmental service, Asnan, showed his appreciation and gratitude to Korindo Foundation for its active contribution to regency development.

“I hope each phase (of the development) runs smoothly, so this area can be fully used by surrounding communities and make this region a comfortable place to live in,” he commented.

Asnan added that Korindo’s green collaboration program had helped the regency government realize its commitments to create open green spaces. He wished the company would continue synergizing with them and participate in future development programs, especially greening ones.

After three years of planting and maintenance, the trees in Pakansari have shown significant progress. The company will hand over the management of this Eucalyptus deglupta forest to the regency government at the end of 2022.

Meanwhile, the trial in Pondok Rajeg is still underway. There are three planting zones in the 2,700-meter urban forest: Zone 1 for trembesi trees and Zone 2 and 3 for sengon trees. Each zone will have 100 tree trunks. Later, an evaluation will be made of what kind of trees are most suitable for the character of the soil there. (PR)