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Jakarta—Korindo Group worked together with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of North Jakarta in holding blood donation event for the employees and the general public on Friday (12/5), as a form of their concern for others. It received positive response from the communities. At least 250 people signed up as potential donors.

This event has been routinely held by Korindo in some areas, such as Bogor and Kalimantan. It is one of the CSR programs of Korindo in the health sector. Thus, it is not surprising when Imam, the Board of the National Forestry Council, one said that Korindo has done well in implementing their CSR programs in Health, Education, and has been committed to the environmental sustainability.

The blood donation took place at Korindo’s headquarter in Wisma Korindo building in Jakarta with a theme “Good for You, Good for Others.”

The cooperation event between Korindo and PMI of North Jakarta was officially opened by the Senior Vice Chairman of Korindo, Mr. Robert Seung, and attended by the Board of Directors of Korindo Group, who also donated their blood.

“We support the Blood Donation program. This program will greatly help in supplying blood that can be used for the people in need. Even just a drop of blood donated, it will be very helpful for those in need,” said Robert Seung after donating his blood.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Doctor Team of PMI of North Jakarta, dr. Ulfa S. who led the event expressed her appreciation to the donors who were employees of Korindo, employees of other companies, and the surrounding communities.

“This activity aims to help others through blood donation. We dedicate this activity for the general public and for those in need of blood, especially for the citizens of DKI Jakarta and the surrounding areas that may require blood. PMI of North Jakarta will always ready to serve the blood requirement of the community,” said dr. Fifi Afiatri.

She also expressed her gratitude to Korindo Group for their concern by conducting blood donation and increasing the supply of blood bags in PMI so as to serve blood needs of the public.