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Bimaruna Jaya Aces SMK3 Audit 2023 Following KHI, KPS

By 20 December 2023February 5th, 2024Group News2 min read

Photo: One of the activities at PT Bimaruna Jaya which strictly implements occupational safety and health procedures. The results of the certification audit from an independent party stated that PT Bimaruna Jaya passed with satisfactory results.

JAKARTA – Total logistics company PT Bimaruna Jaya pledges to follow occupational safety and health regulations in its operations, and proves this through its health, safety, and environment management system (locally known as SMK3) audit results this year.

Part of a SMK3 certification program, the audit ran throughout November and December 2023 with the help of independent assessor PT Sentra Sertifikasi Indonesia, a leading SMK3 audit agency that caters to big name companies in Indonesia.

It had two stages, document audit and field audit, which PT Bimaruna Jaya passed with flying colors. With this achievement, the company joins the list of Korindo Group subsidiaries with a ‘Satisfactory’ rating on their 2023 SMK3 audits. It follows in the footsteps of PT Kenertec Power System (KPS), PT Korindo Heavy Industry (KHI), and PT Bimaruna Jaya.

“Thank you, PT Bimaruna Jaya, for trusting us with the audit and working with us in ensuring a smooth process and great results,” said lead auditor Maxswell.

PT Bimaruna Jaya’s HRD and GA General Manager Jin Kwan Hwi thanked the entire staff and HSE team for setting up the event.

He expected the company management and employees to maintain and improve their performance going forward.

“This year’s audit rating is surely an achievement, but I hope we don’t stop here and keep maintaining and improving our performance,” Jin said.

Meanwhile, Korindo Group’s Learning & Innovation Center head Setiyono expressed his gratitude towards PT Bimaruna Jaya executives, HSE team, and all the staff involved. He called on everyone to “continue building and implementing a culture of safety and health at work”.

As outlined in Government Regulation 50/2012, SMK3 aims to improve OSH effectiveness through “planned, measured, integrated, and structured ways” and prevent occupational accidents and diseases. (HSE)