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Aspex Kumbong Donates Playset to Support Early Childhood Education

By 27 May 2024June 12th, 2024Group News2 min read

Photo of Aspex Kumbong’s general manager Jung Chan Ho with At Taqwa students at the playset handover

BOGOR – Play is an integral part of a child’s world. It shapes character and personality, and should be balanced with learning in ways that are appropriate to each stage of development.

In its efforts to help kids establish healthy traits, Aspex Kumbong donated a playset Monday (5/27) to At Taqwa PAUD, the local equivalent to a pre-school in Parungdengdek Subvillage (Wanaherang Village, Bogor Regency). This initiative is part of Aspex’s “educational” Corporate Social Contribution (CSC), or programs that improve education quality, including that of early education.

“Education matters [for development], so we seek to prioritize this through our CSC programs. [In fact,] it is our commitment [to do so]. Preparing the next generation is necessary and we must start with early education,” said Aspex’s general manager Jung Chan Ho.

This playset was provided to At Taqwa to create a pleasant atmosphere for learning, encourage interest in the activity, help with basic skills development, and offer a chance for peer interaction.

Jung Chan Ho handed over a play facility to At Taqwa representative

Titik Santika Budiati, the head of Family Empowerment and Welfare mobilizer team for Wanaherang Village, lauded Aspex’s efforts.

“I fully support this, it’s going to greatly benefit child development in Parungdengdek. We hope this facility [playset] will be used and maintained well,” Budiati said in her greetings.

A few words of gratitude were also shared by the staff at At Taqwa. With its lack of facilities, students have lost the drive to attend classes. But tools like this playset can provide them with more things to do, and help them enjoy play time better. (AK/Nunung)