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Asiki Clinic, Korindo’s Effort in Building Indonesia from the Periphery

By 13 September 2019August 9th, 2023Group News3 min read

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Boven Digoel Regency, Papua, is one of the most eastern regions, as well as a direct border with Indonesia’s neighboring country, Papua New Guinea.

The lack of road access and infrastructure has given an impact on the low quality of public health in this regency with population of 73 thousand people.

Feeling moved to give contribution to improve the health quality of people in Boven Digoel, Korindo Group through its oil palm business unit, PT Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE), initiated to build a modern health clinic that can provide a sufficient health services for people in Boven Digoel.

Public Relations Manager of Korindo Group, Yulian Mohammad Riza said the presence of Asiki Clinic is a form of support in building Indonesia from the periphery.

“Through Asiki Clinic, we hope to contribute in improving the health quality of people in Boven Digoel,” he said in his statement, Thursday (12/9).

Inaugurated on September 2017, Asiki Clinic has eight priority programs in its efforts to improve the local people’s health quality.

The eight programs are reducing the mortality rate of pregnant women, delivering women, and newborn babies through improvement on health services for mothers and toddlers, Family Planning (KB), and improvement on nutritional status of people.

Next is control of infectious as well as non-infectious diseases followed by environmental health, development of National Health Insurance (JKN) system, community empowerment, and countermeasures of disasters and health crises.

Furthermore, there are improvement on primary health services, improvement on safe and comfortable work environment, and lastly focusing on improving professional human resources.

The Manager of Asiki Clinic, dr. Firman Jayawijaya said that the eight programs will keep being encouraged. Moreover, Asiki Clinic has become the best clinic as Primary Health Facility (FKTP) at the national level.

This award was given by BPJS Health on last August 15th 2019 with title “FKTP with high commitment in providing the best service for members of JKN-KIS in primary clinic category”.

The award complimented another award they received previously in 2017, where the clinic managed to receive the title of The Best Performance from BPJS Health in Primary Clinic Category in Deputy Regions of Papua and West Papua.

“This is a motivation in itself for us all to keep improving in providing the best service for our patients,” said dr. Firman.

Considering how many people in Boven Digoel that haven’t been able to gain access towards health, the team of doctors from Asiki Clinic initiated to come to them instead, by organizing free counseling and health services in various villages.

Karlus Anggitume, one of the community members in Ujung Kia Village, Boven Digoel Regency, Papua said that the health service event provided by Asiki Clinic has been held for four times in his village.

“It truly has helped us. Especially children and older people. We hope Asiki Clinic will regularly visit us,” he concluded.


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