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This is What PT TSE-E Does for a Remote School During the Pandemic

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PICTURE: The management of PT Tunas Sawa Erma with teachers from SDN Persiapan after the handover of teacher honorarium, late September 2020

BOVEN DIGOEL – The Covid-19 pandemic has hit various regions, from cities to remote areas. This has also given an impact to the teaching and learning activities in a number of places. The difficulties faced by schools are increasing due to operational costs and the lack of learning support tools owned by students especially the ones living in remote areas. Therefore, roles from various parties are needed to support the government programs in improving the quality of education in Indonesia.

Through the CSC (Corporate Social Contribution) program, PT Tunas Sawa Erma POP E (TSE-E) once again showed its concern toward education and the teachers’ welfare in remote areas by providing stationery and teacher honorarium assistance in SDN Persiapan in Miri Village, Boven Digoel, Papua Wednesday (30/9).

SDN Persiapan Miri is one of the schools that did not implement distance learning activities or online learning during the pandemic due to the lack of internet access in the region, so this has caused the teaching and learning activities stopped for a while. However, in early August 2020, the local government finally allowed schools to start the learning activities by using the shift system and implementing a very strict health protocol.

Seeing this condition, PT TSE-E was moved to provide a support in the form of stationery to all 48 students with the hope to motivate the students to be more encouraged to study at home or at school. This donation is coupled with the distribution of teacher honorarium which has been done regularly every month.

Representing the company, the Deputy GM, Daniel Sim Ayomi said that this donation is the realization of the company’s appreciation and concern toward education and welfare of teachers in its surrounding area, so teachers can stay passionate about teaching.

On the same occassion, the principal of SDN Persiapan Miri, Lambertus Takerop S.Pd expressed that this donation could encourage educators and hoped that this donation could continue.

Same thing was also expressed by one of the teachers who received the honorarium, Teda Gembenop S.Pd who was so happy and grateful for the assistance received. Not only for the honorarium he received but also the donation of stationery such as books, pens, and pencils. “Hopefully this donation will motivate students to be more active in studying in order to reach their dreams for a better future,” he concluded.(humasppa/widya/acep)

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