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The Western Countries’ Foul Practices Faze the Indonesian Palm Oil Businesses

By 27 February 2017October 13th, 2021Industry News, Uncategorized3 min read


On: February 23rd, 2017

Oleh : Hugeng Widodo,, Jakarta – It has been well known that western countries keep interfering Indonesian palm oil industry through Black Campaign regarding environmental issues which is a conspiracy to suppress, take down, and debilitate the Indonesian palm oil industry.

There have been found many reports, statements, and images that vilify palm oil carried out by anti-palm oil NGOs, both abroad and in Indonesia. To ruin the image of palm oil in the global market, the NGOs are often accusing palm oil plantations of damaging the environment.

It is an effective propaganda which serve as their (Anti-palm oil Conspirator) weapon.

As reported in website, campaign against palm oil is not new. It has been carried out since early 80s.

In 1981, soybean oil producer (American Soybean Association) who is the major competitor of palm oil have been waging a campaign against palm oil by accusing that the tropical vegetable oils (coconut oil, palm oil) contain cholesterol.

But the accusations can then be forsaken because it has been proven scientifically that palm oil does not contain cholesterol. It is only produced in the bodies of animals and humans.

After failing with the cholesterol accusations, palm oil has been blamed for heart and blood vessels diseases in the 1990s. The accusations have been proven wrong by nutritionists and health experts, including experts from western countries.

On the contrary, palm oil contains vitamin A and E which potentially prevent heart and blood vessels diseases.

Moreover, there has been another campaign against palm oil that accuse palm oil plantations of damaging environment and causing global warming since 2000 until now. The accusations are made to hide the past faults and present flaws of the western countries.

During the development, the western countries cleared the entire forest (deforestation) including the animals in it. Consequently, the sub-tropical animals that used to be known through the books of World History no longer exist (extinct).

Accusation as the cause of global warming is another attempt of western countries to hide their faults.

As revealed by the International Bodies (IEA, FAO, IPPC, etc) in their annual report which clearly present the data that the main cause of global warming is due to gas emission of greenhouse from the consumption of fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, etc) whose major consumers are the western countries.

In fact, all crops, including palm oil, are the savior of the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide. Moreover, biodiesel from palm oil is used to replace diesel fuel. Therefore, it will contribute in reducing the global greenhouse gas emission. (Hw)