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South Jakarta Mayor Appreciates Korindo’s Green Collaboration Program

By 14 February 2022August 7th, 2023Group News3 min read

Mayor of South Jakarta Munjirin (in black jacket) during a visit to Duren Tiga Herbal Village, South Jakarta, last weekend.

JAKARTA, FEBRUARY 14, 2022 – The latest urban greening program from Korindo Group, Herbal Village, caught the attention of the Mayor of South Jakarta Munjirin. According to him, the activity, which involves collaboration between the private sector, the government, and the public, plays an important role in optimizing zoning.

“The private sector certainly can participate in developing this (zoning). For example, here in Duren Tiga Urban Village. There is a support from Korindo that is very focused in supporting the agriculture program in the middle of city in Pancoran,” said Munjirin while visiting the Herbal Village last weekend.

Herbal Village is one of the greening collaboration programs in urban areas which has been held by Korindo Group via Korindo Foundation since 2021. In the development of these activities, Korindo Foundation involved Duren Tiga Urban Village and its community’s participation.

Herbal Village is located in Sawo Alley RT 002/01 Duren Tiga, Pancoran, and was inaugurated on Friday (5/11/2021). In collaboration with Duren Tiga Urban Village, Korindo Foundation turned the community yard and local public facility into a medicinal plant area.

Korindo provided assistance of 200 seeds as well as built a mini nursery with a size of three meter square. The seeds from the mini nursery can be used by the local community who need them.

Munjirin hoped there would be more and more private institutions and urban villages in his area that want to compete in optimizing a limited space as a location for urban agriculture. “You don’t need a vast land, a narrow land can also be optimized,” said the former subdistrict head of Kebayoran Lama.

General Secretary of Korindo Foundation Seo Jeongsik mentioned that the Herbal Village is a testament to Korindo Group’s commitment to continue to provide benefits for the surrounding environment by always involving various stakeholders.

“We can’t run a greening mission by ourselves. Therefore, we seek to collaborate with the residents and the local government in carrying out our programs,” said Seo.

Greening collaboration program had been carried out by Korindo Group for a long time. Previously, Korindo Foundation teamed up with one of the community figures in the field of hydroponics, named Saparno, to provide education in urban farming to residents of Pengadegan, Pancoran.

The education provided was in the form of planting techniques in hydroponics and aquaponics. Korindo Foundation also provides assistance in the form of seeds and installation that can be directly utilized by the community.

In a larger scale, Korindo Foundation is working together with Bogor Regency Government to build two afforestation areas. One of which has been built three years ago, namely Pakansari City Forest. Meanwhile, Pondok Rajeg City Forest is now in the early stage of planting process.

In addition to the local governments, Pakansari City Forest and Pondok Rajeg City Forest also involved local residents in the development and maintenance processes. (pr)