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S-Mart Comes to Help Improve the Life of People in Merauke

By 22 October 2020October 23rd, 2020No Comments

PHOTO: The atmosphere inside the S-Mart established by PT Dongin Prabhawa, a Korindo Group business unit in Nakias Village, Ngguti District, Merauke, Papua in early October 2020.

MERAUKE — One of the branch corporates of Korindo Group, PT. Dongin Prabhawa, which joined hands with CV. Smart Sejahtera Indah, brings a good news for the people at Nakias Village, Ngguti Sub-District, Merauke. Truth to be told, in the early Oct 2020, both of the companies managed to establish a convenient store called the S-Mart—which is targeted to help people in fulfilling their daily needs.

The establishment of S-Mart in Merauke—which is located in the borderline—is welcomed by both the employees of the company and the locals of Nakias.

“S-Mart is very helpful, especially since the goods here are relatively cheap,” said one of the employees, Hendrik Resubun.

He gave an example; before S-Mart was there, he had to spend Rp 40,000 for a toothpaste, yet now S-Mart sells it only for Rp 18,000 for the same product. “I am very thankful for the establishment of this store,” he continued.

The people of Nakias Village also welcomed this store happily. As stated by Benni Samkakai, one of the indegenous people, “S-Mart is truly helping the people! The price is affordable and the quality is good. We really appreciate the two corporates that have brought a convenience store between the districts of Mappi and Boven Digoel, which is also known as the borderline of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.”

As we have known, the price of the goods sold in the border area are almost always more expensive compared to those sold in the city areas. This is caused by the distance factor, which impacts the delivery system; great distance and remote area are causing the delivery fee to double.

Luckily, this is not a problem for PT. Dongin Prabhawa; with such an advanced logistical support, the corporate can help deliver the goods safely and properly. Beside guaranteeing that the quality of the goods remain at their best, the selling prices are also kept at bay. The S-Mart can still maintain the real prices sold by the manufacturers.


Rudi Hermawan, the General Manager of PT. Dongin Prabhawa, stated that the establishment of S-Mart is a proof of the corporate’s social contribution to help the local people.

“We wish to ease the access for the locals to fulfill their daily needs,” he said. He also explained that this S-Mart is a part of the corporate’s CSC (Corporate Social Contributions) program, therefore profit is not their purpose.

“S-Mart is here for the prosperity of the locals—the only thing that matters is how this purpose is fulfilled,” he concluded. In the future, the management and operational services of S-Mart will be done by CV. Smart Sejahtera Indah.