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PT Tunas Timber Lestari and PT Inocin Abadi Obtain IFCC Sustainable Forest Management Certificate

By 9 October 2023October 12th, 2023Group News2 min read

Photo: PT Tunas Timber Lestari and PT Inocin Abadi’s director Kim Young Cheol (third from the right) at the certificate handover ceremony Monday (10/09)

JAKARTA – PT Tunas Timber Lestari and PT Inocin Abadi, Papua-based Korindo Group subsidiaries and forest concession business license holders, were recently awarded a Sustainable Forest Management certificate each from the Indonesian Forest Certification Cooperation (IFCC).

The certificates were handed over in a ceremony Monday (10/09) that involved PT Tunas Timber Lestari and PT Inocin Abadi’s executive director Kim Young Cheol, Korindo’s Plantation Division’s general manager Kim Nam Hong, IFCC’s executive director representative Ragita, and PT Mutuagung Lestari’s director Sumarna.

IFCC’s Sustainable Forest Management certificate bases its standards on international frameworks for sustainable forest management (e.g. ITTO and PEFC Council), and incorporates the concept of continuous improvement (Plan, Do, Check, Act). IFCC itself is a non-governmental organization, which promotes and boosts sustainable forest management practices in Indonesia through certification schemes that meet PEFC sustainable forest management benchmarks. Its standards are PEFC-approved.

Both PT Tunas Timber Lestari and PT Inocin Abadi went through a lengthy process to obtain certified status, from administrative selection, audits, to certificate release.

At the ceremony, Kim said he was proud of their accomplishments. “We still have a long way to go when it comes to creating sustainable forests, but earning this certificate feels like a step forward.”

Meanwhile, Ragita appreciated the commitment from both firms to achieving sustainable forest management through IFCC certification.

“With these certificates, we expect PT Tunas Timber Lestari dan PT Inocin Abadi to set a good example for and encourage fellow forest operators, as well as help our forests become more sustainable and useful for society,” she said. Certified forest management can also raise Korindo products’ added value and chances to be accepted on the global market.

This certification is a vital step in maintaining and enhancing forest management sustainability. With collaboration and shared commitment, we believe our practices will continue to grow and provide long-term benefits for the environment, society, and our companies. (PR)