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PT TSE’s Gift of Dormitories for Merauke’s Students

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FEATURED: Manager of PT TSE, Bae Sung Tek (right), handing the keys of the dormitories to the General Chief of the Clans, Muis Gembenop

BOVEN DIGOEL, August 24 2020 — The proof of PT Tunas Sawa Erma POP A’s social concern towards the people of Merauke had been realised once more through donating two 130m2 dormitory buildings located in Jalan Mopah, Merauke, on Wednesday (19/8). This event was attended by the head of the company, the representative of LMA (Lembaga Masyarakat Adat), one pastor, the Chiefs of the Clans, and the students themselves.

This donation was targeted to help the students coming from some of the main clans residing around the corporate—those who were pursuing a higher education in Merauke. These clans were namely the Gembenop-Arteka Clan, the Ekoki-Gowe Clan, as well the Mikan-Kereke-Ita Clan.

The dormitories were completely facilitated with refrigerators, televisions, study desks, and cupboards. Not to be overlooked, the corporate had also prepared groceries as an additional support for the students.

Genuine happiness overwhelmed not only these students, but also their parents and the Chiefs of the Clans—represented by Alowesius Gembenop. He gave the outmost appreciation towards the corporate for participating in giving a better education system to the children of Merauke.

On the same occasion, Silvester—one of the dormitory residents—had also spoken about his own gratitude, and he sincerely hoped that similar generosity would come to aid the future generations.

The General Manager of PT. TSE-A, Bae Sung Tek, was present during the commence of the big event. Representing the corporate, he wished that both of the dormitories—alongside the grocery supplies within—would provide comfort and safety for the students, so they could be more enthusiastic in studying and achieving their dreams. (*)


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