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Boven Digoel: To mitigate the negative impact of various social threats, caused by the development of technology (i.e drugs, alcohol, and free sex), on the behavior of the young generation of Boven Digoel, Korindo carries out a new breakthrough by providing non-formal education through its CSR program.

Non-formal education provided by Korindo is conducted every once in a month to provide the young generation with the knowledge about the danger of drugs, alcohol, and free sex which can degrade their morality.

One of the non-formal education counselors of Korindo Papua, Florianus Padur, explained that the purpose of the program was to motivate the teenagers so they will not be easily susceptible by new things that can harm their mentality and morality.

“The danger of drugs and free sex among our young generation keeps increasing nowadays. we should implement a heart to heart approach from an early stage to them to anticipate the worse. One of the ways is through non-formal education by providing knowledge about the danger of drugs, alcohol, and free sex for their future,” he said to RRI, on Tuesday (25/4/2017).

He invited all the parents to monitor and guard their children at home so they will not be easily fall into negative things.

The participation of the entire community to guard the young generation of Boven Digoel is the most important thing that has to be implemented since early on so the young generation of the nation can be ready to advance and compete with other young generation in the world. (YS/AKS)

By Yoris Goden, April 25th, 2017