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PT Korindo Abadi Delivers Permanent Home for Tenarop Clan

By 8 December 2023February 5th, 2024Group News2 min read

Photo : PT Korindo Abadi launched a house for Tenarop customary land right owners in Asiki Subvillage, Jair District, Boven Digoel Regency Friday (12/8)

BOVEN DIGOEL – As part of social and infrastructure-focused Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) programs, PT Korindo Abadi delivered one permanent home to the Tenarop clan and customary land right owners in Asiki Subvillage, Jair District, Friday (12/8).

The 96-meter square building includes a living room, family room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and a clean water storage tank.

Permanent home donations, like this, aim to provide communities with benefits in the form of proper, clean, and comfortable homes. With better housing conditions, people will have better health.

PT Korindo Abadi’s PR general manager Park Jibae handed over the house key to Tenarop clan representative Thomas Tenarop in a symbolic ceremony at the blessing ritual. The event was attended by company executives, Tenarop members, non-Tenarop locals, and also customary and religious leaders.

“I thank PT Korindo Abadi for the house, we hope Korindo Group [PT Korindo Abadi’s mother company] can go further and continue spreading kindness,” Tenarop said.

This contribution is an example of how PT Korindo Abadi actively builds the social environment of its neighborhood, or the people living around its operational site, said the officer in charge of the CSC program, Florianus Padur.

PT Korindo Abadi (KA) is a forestry company that manages and leverages Papuan timber forest products. Through CSC, it strives at all cost to bring prosperity to Indonesian society. KA holds fast to its belief that by being useful, one has reached immeasurable success. (PR)