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PT Kenertec Power System Operates 20.3 kWp Solar Plant to Limit Carbon Emissions

By 3 October 2023October 12th, 2023Group News3 min read

Photo: PT Kenertec Power System workers are installing on-grid solar panels

CILEGON – The world is currently grappling with climate change, whose impacts have affected every life on earth. Reducing these impacts requires preventative actions from all parts of society; one example of this is by limiting greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy use.

Indonesia is abundant in solar energy, with more than 3,200 gigawatts (GW) of potential generation capacity stored on its lands and waters (according to Energy and Mineral Resources data).

To fully harness this potential, it is imperative to involve the private sector in solar energy developments (including solar power plant development) as mandated by local energy policies and regulations.

Such projects fall in line with state policies and goals regarding renewable energy generation (23% of total energy generation by 2025), and national contribution to global climate change and carbon emissions reduction targets.

As its first step toward this endeavor, PT Kenertec Power System (KPS) performed an “energy audit” to look for any prospects of energy conservation and efficiency.

“Our first and foremost step was to do an energy audit. The purpose is to figure out whether energy conservation and efficiency efforts can be made, and in our company this work fell on the energy officer(s) from our Learning & Innovation Center,” said Nurdin Saefullah from KPS’s Engineering Division.

Using solar energy to power households and industries is a viable option given the excessive heat in Cilegon (with 3-5 equivalent sun hours). The company teamed up with PLN subsidiary PT PLN Icon Plus to mount a 20.3 kWp on-grid solar energy system on its office roof. (Cilegon is where KPS is located; PLN is an electricity firm owned by the Indonesian government.)

The process took place in early June this year. 37 photovoltaic modules were attached along with their inverters, whose electricity production can be monitored via a smartphone app. Power exported from the solar panels will be used to cover every needs of the office.

Later on, by June 27, 2023, this system was inaugurated and launched by PT PLN Icon Plus, its mother company (PT PLN or PLN), and KPS. Since then, KPS office operations have been running entirely on solar power.

PT Kenertec Power System is a NRE (new and renewable energy) generator component manufacturer that commits to supporting efforts from the Indonesian government to develop renewables and contribute to the global zero emissions target. (NS/KPS)