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PT Inocin Helps Naga Village Build School Facility for Better Quality of Education

By 28 March 2023August 11th, 2023Group News3 min read

Photo: The warm atmosphere between PT Inocin employees and teachers and students of Naga (Sub) village’s kindergarten and PAUD

BOVEN DIGOEL – PT Inocin Abadi (PT IA) rolled out a charity project for Naga (Sub)village’s public elementary school in Jair District, Boven Digoel Regency, South Papua. Launched under the Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) program, the project helped set up an educational-supporting facility and provided the tools. This work was also a government-led effort to improve education quality throughout the country.

On Saturday (3/28), this Korindo Group subsidiary handed over building materials involving 30 bags of cement, 7 m3 of sand, and gravel for the school’s volleyball court. All was delivered in a brief symbolic ceremony to school principal Lambertus Takerop.

“I’d like to thank PT Inocin for paying attention to us and making us a beneficiary. Since 2022, it’s provided us with concrete ingredients, which we’ll use to build a volleyball court,”

PT Inocin also sent 20 sets of desks and chairs to support learning activities in Naga (Sub)village’s kindergarten and PAUD (a combination of kindergarten and preschool). To this, school staff member Gabriel Ekoki shared how grateful he was, knowing teachers and students had been conducting lessons on the floor. He expected the donation to boost study motivation.

“Today, we’ve delivered cement, sand, and gravel to help the [elementary] school construct a volleyball court, and sent 20 sets of desks and chairs to the kindergarten and PAUD. Hopefully, these donations will encourage the kids to study harder,” said Nanang, person in charge of PT IA’S CSC program.

Snapshot of the class during the furniture handover

The symbolic ceremony

PT Inocin Abadi (IA) is a forestry company under Korindo Group. PT IA manages and leverages Papua’s natural forest timber products in a responsible and sustainable manner by paying attention to business sustainability, environmental balance, socioeconomic conditions, and indigenous traditions.

Like any other CSC initiatives under Korindo subsidiaries, PT IA’s CSC program focuses on improving the social environment of the local community through strategic, systematic, and sustainable activities that deal with educational, health, economic, environmental, and infrastructure issues – or what’s known as CSC’s “5 Main Pillars”. (Besse/PR)