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PT. Aspex Kumbong Displays Concern for Child Education through Pre-School Building Renovation

By 24 June 2023July 25th, 2023Group News2 min read

PHOTO: Following repairs by the company, the building was unveiled to the public on Saturday (06/24)

CILEUNGSI – As part of its commitment to and concern with the educational world, PT Aspex Kumbong extended aid to At Taqwa PAUD, an early child education institution equivalent to a pre-school, at RT (Neighborhood Unit) 01/10 of Parungdengdek Subvillage, Wanaherang Village, Gunung Putri Subdistrict in Bogor Regency, Saturday (06/24). The help was offered under the company’s Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) program.

It came in the form of a grant, delivered in person by Aspex’s general manager and representative Jung Chanho to the officer in charge of At Taqwa, Ida Faridah. This money was to fund the school’s renovation project, which entailed building repair, wall painting, ceramic floor tiling, and roof replacement. The handover ceremony took place after construction ended.

“From this donation and the whole renovation work, we can see that Aspex cares a lot about early childhood education regardless of the location. You see, our village is quite far from the city and goes unnoticed. So we’d like to give our thanks to the company for the funding that allows us to fix the building, paint the class walls, install the floor, and even replace cracked roofs,” said Faridah.

Prior to this, At Taqwa was in poor condition. There were no windows, doors, or flooring, the walls were unplastered, and not all rooms were roofed. Students and teachers had to use the school’s mushallah (a prayer space for Muslims, commonly found in public facilities) to conduct classes. With the revamp, they expected to return to the building.

“We hope this donation will help students learn and play more comfortably and safely. And we can build a better, smarter generation,” said Nunung, PT Aspex Kumbong’s CSC Coordinator.

Fixing up school infrastructure is part of Aspex’s commitment to ensuring sustainable development. This Korindo Group subsidiary pledges to make real contributions through benefits and added value for all of its stakeholders, including those in the education sector. (Nunung)