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Papua Agro Lestari Holds Health Social Action in Papua’s Remote Area

By 29 September 2021November 2nd, 2021Group News3 min read

One of the doctors from PAL Clinic performing health examination on a mother and her baby in a series of health social action activities in Mutumangge Village, Boven Digoel, Papua, Wednesday (29/9)

BOVEN DIGOEL– PT Papua Agro Lestari (PAL) held monthly discussion event and health social action in Mutumangge Village, Boven Digoel, Papua, Wednesday (29/9). This activity was held together with the symbolic handover of one unit of house to the hamlet chief of Mutumangge Village, Jeremias Maikuin.

PAL is a business unit of Korindo Group specialized in plantation and oil palm with operational area in Papua. As a company that has long been dedicating itself in Indonesia, PAL regularly provides social contributions through its Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) program. One of the activities are monthly discussion and free health examination for the local community.

The discussion is held by PAL every month with the aim to strengthen the company’s relationship with the residents in PAL operational area. In this event, representatives of the company also invited the community to cook and have a meal together.

As the one held in the previous month, this time, the monthly discussion event addressed a topic about entrepreneurship, in particular vegetable cultivation. Assistant Manager of Public Relations at PAL Hasanuddin explained about the benefits of vegetable cultivation from the side of economic empowerment and independent fulfillment of food needs.

“With vegetable cultivation, we can get extra income to make ends meet. On the other hand, we can use the harvested vegetables for our daily side dish,” said Hasanuddin.

Interaction between PAL’s company management with residents of Mutumangge Village during the monthly discussion event and health social action, Wednesday (29/9)

A health worker from PAL clinic, Ramdhan, also shared health information during the event. He stressed the importance of maintaining hygiene in order to avoid endemic diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

Ramdhan also warned that the COVID-19 pandemic is not completely over yet. Therefore, complying with the health protocol in a disciplined manner is still necessary. “We still have to wear a mask, maintain distance, wash hands, and avoid crowds to minimize the spread of this virus,” he explained.

Afterward, Ramdhan performed free health examination for the community, including blood pressure and weight measurements. The examination was carried out for all age groups, from children, adults, to elderly citizens. (Besse Sarifa Innong/PPA Humas S&C)