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Pakansari and Pondok Rajeg City Forests Help Bogor Regional Government Increase Open Green Spaces

By 21 June 2022August 10th, 2023Group News4 min read

Photo of Pakansari City Forest with Pakansari Stadium as background, Bogor

Eucalyptus Deglupta trees stand tall, their leafy branches overshadow the tanned wet ground where they grow. That’s how Pakansari City Forest is now, so beautiful and green.

Pakansari City Forest is an open green space (RTH), a result of the collaboration between Korindo Foundation’s Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) and Bogor Regency Government. For Bogor Government, Pakansari City Forest is a strategic greening program.

This can not be separated from the government policy that has set the number of RTH at least 30 percent of the city area. This policy is outlined through Article 29 paragraph 2 of Law 26 No. 26 of 2007 on Spatial Planning.

“This is very helpful. Because the district government of the city actually mandated by the spatial planning law that the city district has a duty to meet the open green space as much as 30 percent. 20 percent is for public open green space which is 10 percent private open green space. With this program, it automatically adds the percentage of open green space in our (environment),” said Tika Effendy, the Head of Sub. Field of Infrastructure Development Planning of Bogor Regency.

Tika further explained that the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) 2018-2023 of Bogor Regency targets that in one year it will build at least one urban forest.

“In our 2018-2023 RPJMD, we want to build one urban forest per year. One was built by Korindo and another one in process is Pondok Rajeg, then we have also made a plan for an urban forest in Tegar Beriman,” said Tika.

Eucalyptus trees stand tall in Pakansari City Forest

After planting and maintenance carried out by the Korindo Foundation since 2019, Pakansari City Forest is planned to be handed over to the Bogor Regency Government at the end of 2022.

“Why after three years? Because a three-year-old tree on average is easier to maintain,” said Korindo Foundation Manager, Setiyono.

Meanwhile, planting trial is still taking place in the forest area of Pondok Rajeg City Forest, an environmental conservation program from Korindo Group. In the process of planting trial, there are three planting zones in the 2,700-meter urban forest. Zone 1 is planted with trembesi trees, then zones 2 and 3 are planted with sengon trees. Each zone is planted with 100 tree trunks. Later, an evaluation will be made of what kind of trees are most suitable for the character of the soil there.

The reason is that the land that will be used for Pondok Rajeg City Forest has been used as a landfill between 1995-2008. Poor soil quality is a challenge in the tree planting process. However, difficult environmental condition does not seem to reduce the local government’s wish to entrust the land to be processed by Korindo.

“During discussion, Korindo had conveyed their profile of having done greening in Kalimantan and other regions. So we believe that Korindo has experience in tree planting. Because of the records Korindo have done in other places,” said Tika. 

Aerial photo of the former landfill that will be turned into Pondok Rajeg City Forest

Tree maintenance in Pakansari and Pondok Rajeg City Forests involves the local residents and is assisted by employees from PT Aspex Kumbong (a subsidiary of Korindo Group engaged in paper production). Tree maintenance is done by giving Eco Enzyme, NPK fertilizer, spraying of grass poison, adding earth fill for plants, cutting grass and weeds and cleaning weeds that spread to plants manually.

Uung, a resident who lives near the forest of Pondok Rajeg town, said he could now feel the impact of the greening process there. “First, some people from the surrounding community can be hired to help maintain the trees. There is greening, the area here is not too arid, the air is fresher,” he said.

Previously, many people planted banana trees in the area of Pondok Rajeg City Forest and take the leaves. These banana leaves are then sold so they have economic value. Now, Pondok Rajeg City Forest is also used by residents to exercise and hunt for beautiful photos on holidays. (pr)