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One Step Ahead Vol.6 Edition 11 2023

By 1 July 2023September 20th, 2023Publication2 min read

Humans exist in a space comprising multiple elements – something we know best as the “environment.” This space needs to be saved from destruction, which could be done
through innovation and eco-friendly technology.

Korindo Group interprets the need to preserve the natural world through innovative and sustainable projects, such as the bioconversion waste processing plant, which uses black soldier flies as its biological agent.

This facility employs environmentally friendly technology to reduce waste and avoid pollution. Black soldier flies are also relatively safe for the natural surroundings and
provide economic opportunities for local communities.

Aside from environmental pollution control, Korindo Group demonstrates its conservation efforts by partnering with the Bogor Regency government on a greening project called the Pakansari City Forest. Located within the Pakansari Stadium, the wooded area’s management has been handed over to the local government after three years of planting and maintenance.

The Group also worked with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to launch a forestbuilding campaign called “Plant Our Planet” (POP) with the help of the Korea-Indonesia
Forest Cooperation Center (KIFC) and the Bogor Regency government. It was held to celebrate South Korea and Indonesia’s 50th year of diplomatic ties.

The POP campaign was launched with a symbolic planting ceremony, where 50 saplings were installed on a plot of land in Bogor Regency’s (West Java) Pondok Rajeg. The site is to function as an urban forest, housing 500 trees.

These efforts to save the environment were conducted based on the Group’s full responsibility to protect and improve the community’s health and life quality. These
endeavors are based on the belief that environmental preservation means managing and using natural resources wisely to create balance in life.

These innovations align with Korindo’s One Step Ahead slogan. Therefore, going forward, the Company will continue to encourage ideas that support environmental conservation and transform novel ideas into concrete actions whose impacts can be felt by local communities for many years.

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