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One Step Ahead Vol.5 Edition 9 2022

By 14 September 2022August 11th, 2023Publication2 min read

Greetings to One Step Ahead readers,

Talking about the second semester, maybe it’s time to switch to a more positive mindset and look at the pandemic as a momentum to foster empathy and solidarity, and an opportunity to do good for others.

Through the Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) program, Korindo Group takes this opportunity to assist the needy and sustainably empower local communities through regular dissemination events.

We believe empowerment can also be achieved by restoring our natural environment. We see that a healthy, green environment helps maintain ecosystem balance and minimize chances of disaster caused by environmental damage.

In restoring this balance, we work with the Bogor Regency Government on a greening program in Pakansari and Pondok Rajeg; city forests that hundreds of locals are now able to enjoy.

Growing canopy of trees makes surrounding homes more pleasant to look at, improving air quality as traffic-induced dust and pollution gradually lessen.

In this area, residents can engage in numerous activities. On weekends and holidays, people are often seen exercising or hunting for photos, with tall Eucalyptus deglupta trees as the background.

All our work, whether for the community or nature, comes from full awareness that collective effort is pivotal to beating the pandemic and boosting recovery in all aspects of life. Without a sense of solidarity, improvements seem impossible near-term.

In this edition of One Step Ahead, we intend to spread positive messages and sum up all Korindo Group’s activities for you.

And as a complement, the editorial team has prepared a short piece on historical tourist spots in South Jakarta and tips for self-healing at work. Happy reading!

Editorial Team