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One Step Ahead Vol.5 Edition 10 2023

By 8 March 2023August 11th, 2023Publication2 min read

Greetings to One Step Ahead readers,

“Live your life to the fullest.” You may be familiar with this quote, which calls us to spend life fulfilling our goals.

But on the way to get there, some things may go differently than planned.

This is incredibly normal. Yet, we can’t help but feel down and disappointed in ourselves, even going as far as questioning our capabilities and capacity.

For some of us, this sadness remains in the background of our daily lives. We may be hung up over our past failures or opportunities we didn’t use to full advantage in 2022. But remember, we should not let these feelings linger. It is time to let go, and move on.

Whether you realize it or not, the more we bog ourselves down with anger and guilt, the more we waste time. Set your mind to the fact that fate and identity are shaped by every sweet and bitter moment that comes into our lives.

With that being said, let us leave 2022 with a smile and welcome 2023 with positive thoughts. Gather enough energy so we can face the long journey ahead.

With the same drive and vigor, Korindo Group celebrates the coming of the new year with all its opportunities and trials. Lessons from previous years have strengthened us to move one step ahead and focus on finding solutions.

Reflecting on difficult moments, especially those of the pandemic, we believe that nothing is impossible, as long as we have faith in ourselves and do our best.

What society went through during these trying times has touched us so deeply that we make every effort to share our blessings and help those in need. In short, we did whatever we could in the name of solidarity.

Therefore, we embrace 2023 with open arms and excitement to bring more good to others.


Editorial Team