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Nur Linda: With Korindo Foundation’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program, I Decide to Rise Up

By 5 December 2022Group News2 min read

Photo : Nur Linda and her mom are one of the Foundation’s beneficiaries for this funding programJakarta – As the day approached noon, Nur Linda found herself getting busier. Her regulars started arriving one by one at Ayam Penyet Ua Ita — her family’s ayam penyet (smashed fried chicken) shop — and voiced their orders of the day. Linda moved at lightning speed to prepare each one, before her mother, Rositawati, put the finished meals into takeaway containers.

The latter is no longer in her prime condition, after a stroke attack that hit her two years ago. With her right side paralyzed, daily activities become a struggle for Rositawati. Until now, the woman finds it hard to control her wrist’s movement and speech, though her speaking ability has improved.

2020 was one of the most challenging years that were ever faced by the mother-daughter pair. On top of the matriarch’s illness, there was the pandemic, which happened so suddenly that they had to close the shop, cutting off the family’s main source of income. Only after 2022, Ayam Penyet Ua Ita reopened, thanks to Linda’s idea and determination.

Aiming for expansion, the younger tried her luck with Korindo Foundation’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program, sending in her proposal with all the required documents. “With this program, I want to rise up and improve our financial condition,” Linda said.

Also participating was Dina Avriani from the Pengadegan Urban Village, who feels grateful for the program’s existence. With the Foundation’s help, she plans to branch out to cold drink products and buy a commercial refrigerator to store them in. This fridge will be placed at her spot in Gallery PKK Pancoran, just a stone’s throw away from the subdistrict office. This ‘gallery’ is run by local PKK, or Family Empowerment and Welfare (FEW) groups, to showcase their products.

Photo: Korindo Foundation’s General Secretary Seo Jeongsik stood with Youth Entrepreneurship Program recipient Dina Avriani and Pancoran Subdistrict’s FEW cadres

“First of all, I’d like to thank Korindo Foundation for the assistance. I hope it gives businesses a boost to make more innovations and achieve self-sufficiency, so they can thrive and make other people thrive as well,” Avriani said.

Both Avriani and Linda have huge potential as micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) owners, but they need support to properly set up and expand their businesses. Seeing their effort and determination to grow, the Foundation chose the two as its grant recipients.

“I congratulate all beneficiaries. We hope these grants can be fully used to make your businesses successful and sustainable,” said Korindo Foundation’s General Secretary Seo Jeongsik in the handover ceremony. (PR)